Organizations today face unprecedented threats to their operations, resulting in a crucial need for companies to build or strengthen their resilience. Having an expertly designed business continuity management plan in place can help your organization be prepared to respond to and recover from a crisis, as well as instill confidence with customers, employees, investors, regulators, the media, the public and insurers.

Tailored business continuity plans based on proven methodology

Gallagher's Business Continuity and Resilience team of experienced industry consultants work with your organization to assess your current preparedness, implement plans and conduct simulated exercises to test those plans. Our proven methodology tested across all industries produces pragmatic, cutting-edge solutions.

Business resilience has never been more important

In today's uncertain world, companies confronted by extraordinary threats and vulnerabilities are quickly realizing that having a plan for business recovery has never been more critical.

  • Global pandemics such as COVID-19
  • Data risks such as a cyber attack
  • Operational risks such as supply chain disruptions or the loss of critical third-party suppliers
  • Natural hazards such as wildfires, earthquakes or hurricanes
  • Geopolitical risks such as global conflict, tariffs and embargos
  • Man-made hazards such as terrorism or workplace violence
  • Reputational risks such as negative coverage in social or traditional media

Evaluate your preparedness

Companies must be prepared to respond and recover from any crisis, regardless of its nature or origin.

Of the companies that faced a crisis, on average, more than three-quarters experienced a 20%-30% drop in their stock price as a result of the way the incident was managed.
Oxford Metrica 2020

The Gallagher Difference.

The Challenge.

A large, publicly traded specialty chemical company faced board, customer and regulatory pressure to develop an enterprise-wide business continuity management plan. The company has over 50 plants located in Asia, Europe and the Americas — making plan implementation especially challenging.

Our Action.

After outlining roles and responsibilities for plant, business unit and corporate levels, Gallagher completed business impact analyses (BIA) for 50 plants that identified and prioritized recovery requirements for critical business processes as well as people, equipment, technology and third-party supplier support. The BIA results drove the development of regional and plant business continuity plans, including a global supply chain matrix to identify backup production capabilities.

The Result.

Despite plant disruptions due to personnel and raw material shortages at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company maintained production for all key customers. The plant BIAs and business continuity plans were updated based on lessons learned and program development is underway in other key corporate departments.

Business Continuity Planning and Resilience Summary

  • Allows organizations to respond more efficiently and effectively during a crisis, reducing operational impact
  • Helps organizations become more resilient so they may be eligible for better insurance programs
  • Develops business continuity management plans in virtually every industry

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