Our Consulting Services

Beyond innovation, products and technology, the most important element in in a workplace culture is the human one. Your organization is as strong as its people. Gallagher helps you attract and keep the right ones. While your employees work for you, we help you support their total wellbeing so they can grow, plan for the future and contribute their best to your organization and themselves.

Gallagher's industry-leading compensation survey reports enable you to take a deeper look at your pay practices from physician executive compensation to base salaries.

We work with our Health and Welfare team to provide the most up-to-date compliance consulting and create a benefits plan that works for you.

Gallagher offers expertise in employee engagement solutions, from surveys to analytics to consulting to attract and retain your workforce.

Supporting clients across the spectrum ESG (environmental, social and governance) consulting services to help you face your future with confidence.

Our Executive Search attracts and engages transformational executive leaders who deliver results for global organizations across industries.

Leading HR Consultants working with you to design organizational solutions ranging from HR strategy, compliance, policy support, virtual support and more.

Our leadership advisors work with you to empower the leaders in your organization with the skills and developmental training to lead with confidence. We help to ensure that your organization is structured for success from people to roles to skills.

Build your HR strategy and benefits programs with a foundation of strategic research and insights and HR analytics with industry leading research experts.

Working well, starts with overall wellbeing

There is strong competition for talent. Beyond compensation, employees look for a host of tangible and intangible reasons to stay committed and engaged. We have developed a strategic approach to talent with a consultative approach and solutions that work across the spectrum of your HR and benefits. From empowering financial wellbeing to supporting emotional wellbeing, Gallagher brings you an approach to help you attract the right talent and keep them engaged.

Strengthen your organization with the Gallagher Better WorksSM approach

To help you bring out your better, Gallagher created an approach to benefits, compensation, retirement, employee communications and workplace culture unlike any other. We call it: Gallagher Better WorksSM.

It’s an approach that attracts, retains and engages top talent at the right cost structures scaled to every business size and tailored any industry – small to multinational, healthcare to public sector and beyond. One that takes a holistic look at your workforce. One that strives to achieve greater productivity, profitability and organizational growth. It’s an approach that makes the workplace work better. Gallagher believes that where your best ends, your better keeps going.

Gallagher’s comprehensive approach to benefits, compensation, retirement, employee communication and workplace culture aligns your human capital strategy with your overall business goals.