The Global Standards of Business Conduct explain our most important legal and compliance obligations. They also describe the Shared Values that motivate our decision-making and guide our actions every day. We are each accountable for understanding and following the laws, policies, rules and regulations that impact our jobs and the company. As a global insurance brokerage and risk management firm, we are subject to numerous laws, rules and regulations established by the various countries in which we do business. Because we are a global company, your job may be affected by laws of countries other than the one where you work.

We are each also responsible for understanding and living the Shared Values that are the foundation of our company. By following both the letter and spirit of applicable laws and our Shared Values, we help to protect our clients and our company and build our reputation for integrity. The Global Standards apply to all Gallagher directors, officers and employees.

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We expect Gallagher Global Network members, strategic vendors, suppliers and other business partners or agents acting on our behalf to adhere to similar high standards of behavior. Of course, no single document can address every situation — rather, these standards should act as a guide in helping you understand the right thing to do in a variety of situations. Some business units within Gallagher may have stricter standards due to local laws or particular business requirements. If you ever need clarification about how a law or regulation could impact your job, or face an ethical dilemma, discuss it with your manager or one of the other resources listed within the Global Standards. The Global Standards are not meant to replace thoughtful behavior and individual good judgment.