When you submit a claim is when you realize the true value of your insurance broker. Gallagher has created a thorough practice that works with carriers to make sure your claims are resolved in your best interest. We staff our department with true claims professionals and experts in the industry so you can confidently face the future and get back to what you do best.

More than claims management, claims advocacy

Our clients receive on-demand access to dedicated claims specialists, who provide technical expertise in all aspects of the claims discipline for all lines of coverage brokered by Gallagher. By fostering strong relationships with leading carriers, we advocate for you during the entire claims process. Our team make in person visits to carriers every year, so we have first-hand knowledge of underwriting trends. Some of the services we provide:

  • claim reviews
  • coverage advocacy
  • reserve review and analysis
  • complex claims consulting
  • specific claim handling instructions
  • attorney/vendor selection
  • custom projects based on customer needs

Our role, as your advocate, is to ensure you receive the highest level of service from your vendors and that coverage is interpreted in your best interest. We are available to address your coverage questions as they arise and to aggressively advocate on your behalf when necessary.

Global experience with hometown authenticity

We deliver our global network of solutions with the personal service you would expect from a local broker. Never satisfied, we are always creating programs and solutions that address the specific claims challenges our clients face. We possess claims expertise in all industries.

Customized service throughout the claims process

Our highly skilled claim consultants will develop a customized claim service plan that controls and monitors claim management utilizing the following tools:

  • Every claim should be analyzed early for cost-effective management
  • Early Return to Work
  • Legal strategy and expense supervision
  • Claims handling proficiencies
  • Audits to best practices
  • Cost targets
  • Year-over-year results
  • Grade your claim administrator
  • Resolution opportunities
  • Facilitate carrier responsiveness
  • Advocate on coverage problems
  • Coverage counsel referral, when necessary
Lessons Learned
  • Develop cost containment through strategy and planning
  • Measure success of third party administrator and defense counsel
  • Facilitate carrier response with high level executives
  • Deploy Gallagher executives for appeals to carriers, as necessary
  • Benchmarking analytics
  • Stay-at-Work Program
  • iAuditor tool for safety compliance and claim defense

Our claims advocacy experts have a proven track record of reversing seemingly impossible situations and turning them into favorable outcomes for our clients. Our claims experts pride themselves on being leaders in the industry. In fact, many of them came from working for both leading carriers and the having careers in the industries they now help advocate claims in. Because of this deep expertise, we are uniquely positioned to advise and assist you in protecting your company and addressing your claims issues for positive outcomes.

The Gallagher Difference

The challenge.

Our energy client experienced environmental pollution on property that was owned by a third-party government entity. The environmental impact was caused by a third-party contractor on the client’s site and its carrier was refusing to accept coverage and responsibility.

Our action.

Even though Gallagher was not directly involved, we stepped in to find a solution for the environmental authority imposed clean up and to get the responsible contractor’s liability insurer to accept and pay the claim. Through our experience and negotiation efforts we worked with the contractor’s insurer and ultimately got them to accept liability.

The result.

By working directly with the contractor’s carrier and bringing in our client’s own environmental carrier, which would be obligated to pay the claim and seek subrogation, we were able to broker an agreement that contractor’s insurer would fully reimburse our client for all emergency clean up expenses. We also were able to have the insurers clean up the site to meet environmental standards. All expenses were paid by the insurer’s third party and we obtained a release in favor of our client. This resulted in a $433,025 claim being paid by the responsible contractor’s insurance with our client receiving full reimbursement and avoidance of claim on its first party policy and deductible.

Claims Advocacy Management Summary

  • Dedicated experts in your industry managing the entire process
  • Global reach and expertise
  • Specialized programs based on industry
  • Data and benchmarking

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