Our Casualty experts take a holistic approach to mitigate our clients' casualty risk. By forming strong partnerships with our clients, using gap analysis and looking at your overall business, we provide customized, comprehensive, and cost-efficient risk management solutions.

Holistic approach for better insurance and risk management in casualty

Our collective teams know where to look, in both the typical locations and the unusual ones where coverage gaps or total cost of risk reduction may go undetected. We develop solutions that protect our clients' overall business, focusing on Automobile Liability, Workers Compensation, General/Product Liability, Umbrella/Excess Liability and alternative forms of risk transfer. We commit to partnering with you to create a customized wall of coverage. We give you better protection by implementing our tools of non-traditional alterative risk programs, customized excess casualty program design and placement as well as a gap analysis and form reviews.

Robust casualty risk analysis for better coverage

Our process is designed to provide a stronghold of coverage from consulting through delivery of service. We go beyond looking at the surface of your insurance program to deliver true comprehensive risk management. Our process includes:

  • Uncovering uninsured and underinsured losses, contractual liability and coverage gaps. We conduct interviews and review contract and financial reporting filings. Our pre-renewal meetings include pertinent stakeholders with your organization including the finance department, human resources, operations and risk management departments. We also work with other product lines and industry experts to ensure language between policies leave no gaps.
  • Claims and loss control. Our dedicated claims and loss control advocacy group extensively reviews your legacy loss information. We then develop claim mitigation and loss prevention programs to improve your claims process.
  • Program structure and insurance premiums. We design a program that meets your current needs while also being flexible enough to grow and expand by providing multiple options inclusive of various programs structures, coverage, limits and pricing.

Casualty Practice Summary

  • Customized and thorough risk management analysis
  • Dedicated claims advisor
  • Consulting services that yield better overall coverage
  • Data-driven risk analysis

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