As part of our Workforce Trends Report Series, this addendum highlights key findings and implications based on responses from 300 public entities that participated in our 2023 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey.

Competing for employees outside of the public sector on compensation alone has been a tough proposition for public entities. This challenge isn't new, but it's becoming increasingly complex, with more diverse characteristics to consider every year.

While factors like inflation and a tight labor market are outside the control of public entities, creative differentiation supports successful attraction and retention of key talent. Popular benefits and perks, career growth opportunities and a strong culture help employers to stand out competitively in today's labor market.

The focus on people support is evolving as the need to increase efficiencies and maximize investments requires a closer embrace of technology. Typically limited, budgets are often spent on new tools that help automate processes and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Many organizations also are using data more effectively to inform decisions and track outcomes. Integrating various data sources across internal systems and external vendors provides a complete view of the organization.

Key highlights

Our research found that the top priorities for public entities include:

  1. Focusing on retaining productive and reliable employees while also creating efficiencies
  2. Enhancing employee engagement by elevating your employee value proposition
  3. Emphasizing wellbeing benefits in a period of high inflation
  4. Maximizing employee wellbeing while balancing cost control

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