As a Classicist by education, I tend to look at structure and — with respect to the written word — especially grammar and sentence construction. Who is the subject of the sentence? Why is the subject often not mentioned until the end in a Latin or Greek sentence?

Well, we want to emphasize the importance of your nonprofit being the subject of the sentence, of taking action and being proactive, of sharing your organization's story. Thus, for the spring 2023 Nonprofit Beat, we focused on "why" this approach matters in this unprecedented economic environment.

Nonprofits are facing tremendous headwinds with talent recruiting, with pressures on costs of insurance and availability of umbrella limits, and with an overall public call for transparency and superior duty of care. Carriers are looking at the headlines and asking for more data. Add to this situation the pressures of mental health eroding safety in communities and a call for human service organizations to do more (often with less).

Nonprofits are fortunate to have the "why" story that Simon Sinok so masterfully articulated in his TED Talk, given their missions and purpose. But we're at a moment when we need to shout from the mountaintops about our proactive measures to be a better organization. Insurance is always a process and a continuous learning cycle, and underwriters want more information.

At Gallagher, we're focused on advocating for you, your story and your organization's efforts to continue down the path of betterment. The insurance industry is hurting from overall losses, plaintiffs' pursuit of limits and reinsurance pressure. Let's show them WHY your organization is worth their partnership.

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