PCI Compensation Consulting, a Montreal, Quebec-based firm specializing in total compensation and governance for organizations throughout Canada, is now part of Gallagher.

Founded in 2001, PCI advises private, publicly traded, public, parapublic and not-for-profit organizations in the design and integration of compensation to business strategies. As part of Gallagher, PCI brings extensive experience and knowledge in compensation consulting. The team's commitment to building meaningful, longstanding relationships with clients make PCI a valuable partner.

Creating customized compensation solutions

At Gallagher, we understand that every organization is unique, so we work with you to design a compensation strategy that supports your business strategy.

We take the time to fully understand the context of every project and leverage the power of Gallagher's experience and breadth of knowledge to innovate efficient, flexible compensation solutions.

The result? Programs based on a solid compensation philosophy that engage your workforce and transform compensation from an expense into an asset that builds on the organization’s bottom line.

We strive to ensure we provide the best advice in all areas of compensation consulting, including:

  • Compensation strategy
  • Market benchmarking and custom surveys
  • Pay structure design
  • Job evaluation and leveling
  • Pay equity and legislative compliance
  • Executive compensation and board advisory services
  • Performance management and incentive plans
  • Sales compensation
  • Compensation outsourcing
  • Etc.

Seeing beyond compensation for a comprehensive consulting experience

Our compensation expertise spans the full spectrum of an organization's needs, from executive and governance teams to the entire workforce.

As environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues take on increasing importance, board efficiency is becoming a central issue.

We work with boards to align shareholder interests, director contributions and executive compensation with a common goal: ensuring a sustainable future for the organization.

As the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic growth and demographics pose a differ set of challenges for organizations.

Our team partners with entrepreneurs and executives to evaluate the situation to determine an effective strategy going forward.

So you can rise to the challenges of reaching short-term goals and ensuring your organization's long-term sustainability.

The economic context and labour shortage — not to mention an increasingly complex workplace environment — mean human resources and compensation specialists will have to deal with questions that take organizations out of their comfort zones.

Our consultants work with you to develop a compensation strategy that's tailored to your organization and ensures that no strategic compensation issue goes undetected.

Cultivating confidence and exceeding expectations

The Gallagher team has deep experience in compensation consulting for privately held and publicly traded organizations, municipalities, the public sector and government, working on behalf of employers and unions. We specialize in compensation at all levels of your organization: unionized and non-unionized employees, sales teams, management, executives and board members.

We pride ourselves on a hands-on, collaborative approach with clients and are passionate about creating thoughtful and practical strategies based on an organization's needs and constraints, industry best practices and/or regulatory requirements.

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