Along with the ever-increasing advances in digitalization, the need for cyber risk assessment and risk financing has become a boardroom topic. Hacker attacks, which can lead to business interruptions and catastrophic financial losses, are no longer uncommon and have become part of the daily routine for the IT security department.

Assessing and understanding known and unknown risks within the cyber insurance scope, which might include modern cyber insurance policies but also more traditional property or general liability and fraud insurance policies, is complex. It requires expertise to understand how threats emerge and how coverage can evolve to protect your organization. Staying unprotected is not an option.

At Gallagher, we analyze your potential risk and suggest the right insurance options for you. Our practice represents a diverse marketplace of over 150 countries, all ready to provide risk management programs that support optimal cyber insurance coverage. In addition, we monitor these countries to make sure we are providing the most comprehensive coverage options at the most competitive price.

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