Gallagher achieves sustainable, balanced solutions for all parties involved. Our specialists take a truly targeted approach, working in partnership with clients to create sustainable strategies that guarantee a high level of security for all stakeholders.

Gallagher stands by your HR Department, with open lines of communication and support for technical issues. Our experts aim for absolute clarity and nothing else when assessing your initial situation and working with you to define project goals. We evaluate from a costs and benefits perspective, analyzing your firm's risk situation and risk tolerance profile. Our experts recommend both viable and best-in-market solutions while considering the full range of variables that can come into play when designing occupational pension plans and assessing administrative and insurance processes.

Your advantage, positive outcomes

A widely-experienced team of experts, knowledgeable across all types of current pension solutions:

  • Modular pension systems for different employee groups, from management to new professionals
  • Effective and hassle-free support for HR Departments when handling any pension issues or administrative processes
  • Coordination of occupational pension benefits with personal insurance in the event of accidents or illness
  • Personal consultations and support on-site
  • Upon request, we will do informational events for your employees

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