This issue provides details on: HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Nonprofit Employer-Sponsored Health Plans: Resourceful Governance; Leveraging board talent; & Keeping a Strategic Focus on Attracting and Retaining Employees.

On behalf of our almost 30,000 employees around the world, all rowing in the same direction with a September end goal of 90,000 volunteer hours for the nonprofit sector, in honor of our 90 years of operation, we are sharing some recent thoughts on the nonprofit sector. As many of you know, serving the nonprofit sector has been in our DNA from the beginning and today no broker threads that global needle of connection, specialized knowledge and teamwork better than Gallagher. We are proud of our team’s contribution of this unique incubation of growing nonprofit sector insight each and every day…something we offer to the sector as our value proposition.

We have long realized that we are the public-serving sector and you only have to see your phone alerts to realize that there is truly a global public outcry about the ways we have let the public down – we would best describe as society in general – our schools, our churches, our communities, our families. We are witnessing the spread of the abuse of power from a painful misconduct of children to harassment of adults and kids – often latent and below the surface, only to raise its ugly head of reality at some point in the future. What a collision of malfeasance! 

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