In the fast moving, high demand world of media production you need a partner who knows the script, understands the industry, and has the right connections.

Providing specialist Media, Entertainment and Events Insurance for a diverse range of film & movie, music, entertainment and sporting events, Gallagher works in close partnership with production crews, advertising and media consultants, and production agencies throughout the Asian region and across the globe. Whether your production is based in the region or set on an international stage, Gallagher can help.

Beyond the immediate placement of insurance, strategic risk management helps you to reduce your exposure to potential claims and loss, thereby enhancing your risk profile and potentially reducing your insurance premiums.

Events Insurance - coverage from pre-event to post-event

Gallagher understands the diversity of risks that event planners face - from managing public safety through to supply chain, trade credit, and political risks - and we recognise the importance of effective risk evaluation. Our team works with you from pre-event to post-event to manage event risk should the unexpected happen.

Media, Entertainment and Events insurance and risk advice covering:

  • Public Liability cover for Film and TV production crews and professionals
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Cancellation and Abandonment
  • Property Loss
  • Worldwide Contract Site and Transit cover
  • Employer and Public Liability
  • Third Party Property Damage
  • Weather risks and Non-Appearance Insurance for events
  • Cyber, Motor, Travel and Personal Accident.

Specialist claims advice and support

Should you ever have to make a claim, you have the confidence of working with our in-house claims management team, providing technical support and practical advice when you need it so you can focus on getting back to business.

Recognised for high quality service tailored to your specific needs approach, knowledge and resilience when handling major claims, our dedicated team pride themselves on open, honest and frequent communications.

Media, Entertainment and Events Insurance

  • Global Media, Entertainment and Events insurance and risk management capability
  • Specialist wordings and tailored solutions
  • Industry specific covers
  • Claims advice and technical support

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