Protect your business from cyber threats

With cyber threats the new normal, it's more critical than ever that your business is prepared to successfully mitigate cyber risks. No matter the severity of the cyber threat, our team is prepared to help your organisation by providing risk management and insurance solutions tailored to your business.

We understand the unique challenges that businesses face in the digital landscape. Our specialist team can design a cyber protection program that is customised and contains a range of support including a review of your exposure to cyber liabilities, help with developing cyber risk management procedures and recommendations for firms who can help you respond to a cyber event (such as breach response teams and forensic IT consultants).

We help you prevent, mitigate, manage and recover from a cybersecurity incident

Our cyber solutions provide protection that goes beyond traditional cyber insurance, as well as scalable and comprehensive consulting including response and recovery strategies. Our cyber insurance solutions are designed to help mitigate the financial, reputational and business interruption risks associated with a cyber attack.

Our team has created a number of products to suit a range of industry sectors providing broad cyber coverage, bespoke policy tailoring and consultation. Policies cover private data and communications in many different formats — paper, digital or otherwise, and provide 24/7 breach hotlines straight to the specialist attorneys.

Coverage includes:

  • Cyber crime, extortion, liability and reputation business loss
  • Breach response costs
  • Digital asset restoration
  • Fraud
  • Manipulation or misuse
  • Multimedia liability
  • Privacy regulatory defense and penalties
  • Operational risk
  • Security and privacy liability
  • Physical damage (for manufacturers)

Cyber Insurance Summary

  • Protection that goes beyond traditional cyber threats
  • Comprehensive cyber liability consulting, including response and recovery strategies
  • Experienced team with deep expertise in the cyber industry
  • Specialist cyber claims advice and technical support

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