Human resources and compensation strategies focused on meaningful business outcomes

High turnover, low employee engagement, executive compensation compliance issues, and recruiting challenges aren’t just “HR problems.” They are business challenges that won’t be solved by superficial one-off fixes. When you work with the Human Resources & Compensation team of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., you have a partner who understands the important, strategic role of human resources and compensation, and can customize a solution that will help your organization achieve its business goals and objectives.

Data-driven solutions, relationship-driven culture.

With Gallagher, you have a practice dedicated to Human Resources & Compensation consulting, offering flexible, customized solutions that are informed by our expert data analysis and competitive benchmarking. The end result is a deeper level of engagement that generates insights and informed recommendations to help you thrive.

Your Gallagher consultant will help you see problems — and opportunities — from all sides, guiding you through our consultative process with transparent, open dialogue and deep expertise. Your success matters to us, so we’ll partner with you to create a solution that makes sense for your organization, your timetable and your budget. Nurturing long-standing business relationships is a Gallagher hallmark — and the reason our clients refer us and stay with us, year after year.

Industry experts. Thought leaders. Experienced consultants bring you customized solutions.

Well-designed Human Resources & Compensation programs add bottom line value to a business. Our team can provide a complete range of human resources and compensation programs to help your organization achieve strategic objectives, including:

Our compensation consultants provide compensation program analysis and design to help:

  • Create or refine your organization’s compensation philosophy and strategy to support overall organizational objectives, while also emphasizing the sustainability of your compensation programs.
  • Develop or improve your compensation plans to be more competitive and equitable while fitting your organization’s strategy, budget and culture.
  • Conduct job evaluation analyses with the Decision Band Method to help determine the relative value of jobs within your organization, including pay equity, salary grades and salary ranges.
  • Link pay to performance by creating short-term and long-term employee incentive plans, sales incentive plans and employee motivation plans that drive desired employee behaviors, leading to successful business outcomes.
  • Clearly communicate your organization’s compensation plans and employee value proposition.
  • Review and compare compensation market intelligence relevant to your labor market (for example, the Greater San Francisco Bay Area Cash Compensation Survey) from our extensive survey library.
  • Deploy custom market data solutions through our on-line Gallagher Survey process.
  • Ensure your compensation policies and practices comply with applicable federal and state regulations, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
  • Apply decades of specialized industry experience in assessing, developing and managing employee base compensation programs in Healthcare, Public Sector and Higher Education.
  • Support your human resources team to maintain the optimal compensation program for your organization.


Our executive compensation consultants, in the context of SEC or IRS regulations, can help:

  • Create or refine your organization’s executive compensation philosophy and strategy to align with organizational objectives.
  • Benchmark base salary, short-term, and long-term incentives against peer organizations through executive compensation surveys.
  • Design short- and long-term incentive plans that link executive pay to organizational performance.
  • Analyze change-in-control and severance agreements.
  • Benchmark executive benefits and perks.
  • Review employment contracts.
  • Examine your performance appraisal measurement and goal-setting processes to ensure objective and effective programs.
  • Analyze pay issues related to IPOs, mergers, spin-offs, and asset sales.
  • Provide Compensation Committee advisory services.
  • Evaluate Board of Director Compensation (competitive benchmarking and design).
  • Optimize your Board and CEO Performance Evaluation process.
  • Build or enhance Committee Charters.
  • Specific to taxable entities:
    • Develop equity pay strategies that reward executives for desired organizational performance.
    • Generate Proxy Disclosures (CD&A drafting, review, and rule interpretation).
    • Determine tax, accounting and disclosure implications (162(m), 409A, 280G, FAS 123R, SEC).
    • Calculate valuations of equity, retirement, and non-compete arrangements.
  • Specific to tax-exempt entities:
    • Assistance with IRS Rebuttable Presumption safe harbor guidelines related to the intermediate sanction rule.
    • Peer analysis using competitor Form 990 filings.

Compensation and Benefit Survey Consulting to help your organization gain valuable knowledge with:

  • Custom compensation and benefit surveys that span local, regional, and national markets — as well as key vertical industries, such as healthcare, public sector, higher education, professional services, and manufacturing.
    • Ad-hoc surveys conducted for selected role(s) and targeting specific competitors.
    • Annual surveys for trade and professional associations, by industry and/or geographic area.
    • Annual Gallagher Benefit Strategy & Benchmarking Survey available here.
    • Annual Greater San Francisco Bay Area Cash Compensation Survey available here.
  • A flexible and secure internet survey portal and thorough data verification to give you data that is timely and reliable.
  • Expertise to ensure that all compensation and benefit reports are accurate, reliable, and presented in a straight-forward, practical way.
  • Compensation and benefit reports that meet all U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Guidelines for salary surveys.


Human Resource consulting that provides:

  • HR Assessments of your HR function’s effectiveness, efficiency, and alignment with your organization’s strategy, plus practical recommendations to help improve the performance of your department, including wage and salary surveys, salary comparisons and salary guides.
  • Total Compensation Statements communicating the individualized salary and benefit value that your organization provides to each employee.
  • Extensive coaching, training and development programs designed by our experts for all levels of employees including human resources performance appraisals and job performance appraisals.
  • Recruitment solutions for the entire recruiting process, hiring and onboarding to ensure new employees quickly contribute to your organization.
  • An interactive process to develop policies, practices and procedures that fit your organization, with customized employee handbooks to communicate them.  
  • Efficiency reviews for your HR function including affirmative action, absence management, FMLA compliance and performance management.
  • Employee surveys to diagnose your organization’s opportunities for improvement and benchmark  your employees’ preferences and opinions.
  • Ongoing HR management tailored to meet your needs and provide assistance for your HR function.
  • Human resources outsourcing of HR professionals, deployed to your locations to help manage your current HR function, plus design and implement any HR programs you might need.

HR Audits & Effectiveness Studies

We will:

  • Review all critical areas of your HR function to assess efficiency, effectiveness and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Deliver competitive benchmarks and best practices data, and provide recommendations for a more effective structure.
  • Offer a roadmap to improve the value that human resources brings to your organization.

On-Site HR Management

We know it is increasingly difficult in today’s competitive environment to remain entirely self-sufficient in every area of human resources. As a result of this environment, many organizations are outsourcing all or part of their HR responsibilities as a cost-effective alternative to adding headcount. With our on-site HR Management your organization will have:

  • Certified HR professionals in your business environment, with the necessary tools to manage your organization’s needs and those of your employees.
  • Support on Demand service provides you with an HR expert who can respond to manager’s needs, resolve employee concerns, and ensure legal compliance.

Our On-Site Management encompasses all typical HR functions including:

  • Payroll Processing
  • Employee Relations
  • Benefits Administration
  • Unemployment Management
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Legal Compliance with federal and state regulations, including the Wages and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • All administrative functions of Human Resources

Performance Management

Our team can assist you with:

  • Developing an effective performance evaluation management program that rewards the achievement of stretch performance by individuals, teams, and the organization.
  • Implementing a comprehensive system that includes training, guidance and tools that make performance management a collaborative experience between employees and managers.
  • Our design offerings include three areas:
    • Performance Management System
    • Incentive-Based Pay for Performance
    • Integrated Budget/Reward System

Manager & Employee Training & Development

Our team will provide:

  • Practical programs to help you build organizational learning, improve management skills, and enhance employee awareness.
  • Curriculum, materials and tools that can be custom-tailored to the needs of your organization, ranging from managing performance evaluations to anti-harassment training.

Employee Engagement & Communications

We will provide:

  • Employee engagement surveys that give a clear picture of what is working and what needs improvement.
  • Recognition programs that acknowledge and reward staff for important contributions to the organization.
  • Total compensation statements that provide employees with individualized information about the value of their benefits and important balances.
  • Employee handbooks and managers’ administrative manuals that explain responsibilities clearly.

Recruitment Solutions: Search, Selection, and On-Boarding

Our team can assist you with:

  • Recruiting and hiring top-performing employees, so you can turn your organization into a true destination workplace.
  • Managing the entire recruiting process, including creating job descriptions, scheduling interviews, conducting background checks, and screening and making selection recommendations.
  • Creating hire offer worksheets, which help recruiters provide candidates with a complete overview of the value of their employment opportunity, including salary as well as the full spectrum of cash and non-cash benefits.

Meaningful change, sustainable solutions

Talk with a Gallagher Human Resources & Compensation consultant today. Learn how a strategic, big-picture approach to human resources and compensation can bring meaningful change, sustainable growth and a competitive edge to your organization.

Meaningful change, sustainable solutions.

Talk with a Gallagher Human Resources & Compensation consultant today. Learn how a strategic, big-picture approach to human resources and compensation can bring meaningful change, sustainable growth and a competitive edge to your organization.