Custom general liability insurance to protect your business in the event of a claim made against you by a customer, employee, member of the public or other third party.

A range of general liability insurance covers to suit your needs

If your business prides itself on delivering a high quality product or service, more often than not you'll have a long line of satisfied clients and customers who will come back for more. But if something goes wrong, it could leave you facing a potential third-party claim. That's when having a suitable level of business liability insurance in place can be so important.

General liability insurance provides coverage for public injury and damage claims. It can also cover a range of other liability insurance products including employers' liability and product liability. Gallagher has access to a range of general liability insurance coverage through our insurer panel, with some that include exclusive enhancements.

Public liability insurance

With public liability insurance cover, you have protection if you're at fault for an injury or damage to a client or member of the public. In certain industries, it can be essential to have this cover in place before you can commence trading and if a third-party claim is made against you, public liability insurance may cover all or some of the legal costs associated with defending a claim.

The cost of business liability insurance coverage versus the impact of managing the financial effect of a claim means public liability insurance can make all the difference for many businesses. Explore how Gallagher can help with your public liability insurance needs.

Products liability insurance

Do you design, manufacture or supply products? This form of professional liability insurance is an important consideration. It doesn't matter if you sell, rent or donate a physical product to someone. If it's faulty and causes injury or damage, you could be held legally responsible. If you didn't directly make or manufacture the product yourself, you may still be liable to pay damages, even as a third-party supplier.

Products liability cover offers a layer of protection from the cost of compensation if a claim is made against you, subject to the scope of insurance purchased.

Employers' liability insurance

Employers are responsible for the health and safety of all employees whilst at work. Failing to have Employers' liability insurance could lead to a significant fines. If an accident occurs and an employee is injured or becomes ill as a consequence of work-related activities, they may make a claim for compensation against you.

General Liability Insurance Summary

  • Tailored coverage in one policy
  • Protection from expensive compensation claims
  • Public, product and employers’ liability coverages

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