Due to rapid advancement in media and communication domains, information can be shared anywhere across the globe in seconds. This makes being prepared for and responding to crises promptly and effectively a challenge. Gallagher's Crisis Management solutions help your business become more resilient against risk exposures.

A range of cover for all businesses and situations

Organisations of all sizes face threats today that can quickly cause negative publicity, leading to significant business disruption and severe financial loss. Whether you have a small business that operates in United Arab Emirates, Middle East or Africa or you run a multinational corporate with a global presence, our crisis management team will help you cover any crisis scenario.

Drawing on their extensive experience and leveraging Gallagher's Global Network, our specialists develop insurance products that protect an organisation's assets, people and reputation in the event of a crisis.

Global risk management delivered locally

Our coverage and consulting services help identify risks and cover gaps, and create bespoke programmes that ease some of the pressures and decisions you'll face in a crisis. We understand that your needs for risk management aren't just unique to your business. Our programmes provide an extra competitive edge and peace of mind for you, knowing you're prepared for the unexpected. Some of the covers we offer include:

Crisis management for all types of businesses in the MEA region

Our specialists work with a variety of businesses and individuals in the Middle East and Africa to provide insurance, risk management and consulting services.

  • Large domestic and multinational corporates
  • Small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs)
  • Senior executives or individuals with a high net worth

With more than 130 offices worldwide, Gallagher's Global Network of risk management specialists helps your business stay one step ahead of emerging threats or potential crises.

Meet our Crisis Management Team Leader

Crisis Management Summary

  • Local team backed by global specialists
  • Increased protection as threats evolve
  • Customised cover for business needs
  • Knowledgeable team with global resources

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