Your prescription for a sustainable pharmacy benefit

Navigating the complex pharmacy benefit landscape is daunting. How can you skillfully negotiate your contracts to extract the most value from your pharmacy benefit? And how can you ensure your PBM contract delivers on its promises?

The pharmacy benefit is arguably one of the larger and more complicated components of a healthcare benefits package. It can be a challenge to stay informed about issues that affect your plan, making it all the more difficult to ensure your pharmacy benefit is delivering the most value it can to your organization and your employees.

You’ll have more time to focus on broader benefit strategies when you rely on Gallagher’s Pharmacy Benefit Management Consulting team. We leverage our real-world expertise and clinical insights to keep you up to date on issues that may impact your prescription drug plan. By assessing your current PBM contract, we partner with you to tightly design your next one, along with providing ongoing consulting focused on audits, managing costs and increasing plan satisfaction.

Net result? An organization powered by a healthy and engaged workforce, with potentially lower costs for you and your employees and a contract that is optimized for a constantly changing environment.