Manage your business with trade credit & political risk solutions.

Gallagher’s Global Trade Credit division works closely with our clients to understand if trade credit or political risk insurance products can assist them in:

  • Managing specific international or domestic payment risk concerns on private obligors or public sector sovereign or non-sovereign entities.
  • Addressing international cross-border exposures created by foreign sales or investments.
  • Completing that important financing solution with their lender.

Current events have proven that even the strongest companies can implode - leaving suppliers with large and sometimes unsustainable credit losses. Our risk policies can be written to cover one or all of your debtors and provide anything from full indemnity to simple umbrella protection. Our highly experienced market practitioners at Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. will partner with you to evaluate potential risks and help address a full range of “failure to pay” coverage options. In addition we can also provide political risk programs that address inconvertibility and transfer risks, confiscation, expropriation, nationalization, business deprivation, terrorism, political violence, forced abandonment, embargoes and sanctions. 

The trade credit and political risk insurance markets are routinely evolving. Therefore, it’s our job to continually keep up with the underwriting capacities, access to vast specialty insurance markets around the globe, introduction of any new products and coverage parameters and to advise you accordingly.

We will structure innovative insurance solutions that go beyond transactional broking. Best of all, we’ll use our knowledge, resources, expertise and relationships within the insurance community to seek out the very best coverages at the lowest possible cost - while maintaining the highest standards of documentation management, accounting and claims collection.