Organizations across every industry face an ongoing talent shortage as the demand for transformational leaders continues to exceed the supply. Employers must think strategically about their talent needs and develop a multi-faceted leadership plan to ensure a stable pipeline of future leaders.

In a new Gallagher whitepaper, leadership development experts Mitchell Gold, Ph.D. , and David Alexander provide key insights into effectively supporting, nurturing and retaining leadership talent. Through an integrated talent management plan, organizations are better positioned to maintain and build their competitive edge.

Download the whitepaper to discover what's driving the leadership talent shortage, as well as solutions to your leadership development challenges. Explore why a targeted and strategic approach to rewards, culture and learning is essential for sustainable long-term success.

A strong leadership development strategy calls for a plan based on clear understanding of the connection between talent and the challenges your organization seeks to address.

Learn the value of taking a strategic approach to attracting, retaining and developing talent from Gallagher's top advisors.

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