Threats are constantly evolving

When acts of violence and terrorism occur, a rippling business interruption effect occurs from the neighborhood where the incident occurred to the city, state and, quite possibly, national level. Threats are constantly evolving and being prepared for crises, from coverages for the unexpected to having preparedness plans in place, will help you get back to operations as quickly as possible.

Proactive protection for the unexpected

In today’s uncertain climate, being able to prepare and respond to a number of crises can be challenging. Businesses of all sizes face threats from cyber to product tampering to assault or hostage or terrorist attacks. These threats can cause serious interruption, financial loss and even negative publicity, impacting your business operations and profits. While insurance coverages can protect businesses and their assets should a crisis strike – it is not enough. Businesses must be able to prove that their business is resilient, adaptable and able to protect itself and its’ employees from today’s complex security threats. Businesses need to be proactive not reactive. They need to learn how to anticipate, prevent, respond and recover – and that’s where we can help.

A range of crisis insurance options for all businesses

Expanding our coverage as threats to businesses have evolved – we continue to evolve our product and services to help you prepare and protect your assets, brand and people. Our coverage and consulting services are designed to help you anticipate, respond and recover from a crisis.


Crisis Protect Insurance - Mini

Crisis Protect Insurance - Maxi

Violent Assailant Coverage

Resilience Direct Consulting

Company Size

Revenues < $250M


Public Sector and Higher Education customers are not eligible for this coverage


All business

All businesses




Vicious Attack, Terrorism, Sabotage, Civil Commotion, Assault, Blackmail, Deprivation, Detention, Disappearance, Emergency Repatriation, Employee Dishonesty, Extortion, Hijack, Hostage Crisis, Kidnap, Radicalization, Stalking, Threat, Cyber Extortion, Product Tampering


Designed to protect a client from the outcome of a Violent Assailant Event



Plan Highlights

  • Fixed Annual Premium of $2K
  • Fixed Indemnities:
    • 1st party $1M (Up to 5 locations)
    • 3rd party $250K
    • Crisis Consultant costs $1M


Flexible Indemnity Limits up to:

- 1st Party $25M

- 3rd Party (15% of 1st party limit)

- Crisis Consultant Costs


  • Unlimited for detention, disappearance, extortion, hijack, hostage crisis and kidnap


  • $1M for assault, blackmail, civil commotion, deprivation, emergency repatriation, employee dishonesty, radicalization, sabotage, stalking, terrorism, threat and vicious attack


  • Pre Incident Funds available up to 5% of premium


First Party Losses covering Business Interruption , Extra Costs and Expenses, and the costs of Repurpose for buildings


Crisis Response Expenses


Liability arising from bodily injury/property damage and defense expenses


Contingent coverage for loss of revenue and extra expense as a consequence of an event taking place at an alternative location



Online Crisis Management Portal Access and Document Library





Country Risk Profiling Tool





Risk Management Allowance (up to 5% of premium) for:


Gap Analysis / Assessments Review


Active Shooter (vicious attack) videos packaged within a full e-learning platform


“Ask the Expert” – AIG and partner network of experts for hints, tips and ideas.






Consulting Services

Incident Response

24/7/365 Emergency Response Number to get immediate advice and support in a crisis

Consultancy support from a panel of retained response consultant companies that are leaders in their field; these include but not limited to NYA, R3 Continuum & AIG Travel all coordinated through a single emergency response number

Access to live Incident log via the online Crisis Management Portal

Post Incident

Post Incident Information Guidance & Advice:

Lessons identified

Counseling Advice

Legal support

Incident Log Summary Case File for audit and records



Aligned to Non Insured/Uninsured Losses


5 Step Approach to prepare and manage crisis

  1. Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  2. Development of Business Continuity Plans
  3. Crisis Management & Communications Planning
  4. Crisis Preparedness and Responsiveness Test/Exercise
  5. Real Time Assistance


Inclusive of All Hazard Types


Apply for Coverage

AJGCyber Online Application

Connect with our Experts

Connect with our Experts

Connect with our Experts

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Crisis Resilience summary

  • A robust crisis management plan can increase a business’s resilience which will in turn help to protect your shareholder value
  • Help in planning and response
  • Protect your people, assets and brand