We approach your benefits planning process strategically

Business success is a function of the people you employ and how engaged they are with your organization. That level of engagement is linked to employee wellbeing and health. When you develop benefit and HR programs that support a changing, multidimensional workforce, you'll create a culture that is focused on organizational health and your employees' total wellbeing.

Gallagher has the expertise, industry experience, global resources and local account teams to help you design, manage, measure and optimize the healthcare solutions that are right for you and your business.

We create employee benefit insurance solutions that drive engagement

At Gallagher, our experts come together to find comprehensive solutions by implying consistency and best practices to improve employee experience. Innovative solutions, holistic care, focus on health & well-being is how we build the solutions, thus adding value to your business and employees.

And that is why we take pride in saying - "Your people, our priority!"

Expert advice and guidance

With Gallagher, you have access to compliance experts who uncover the risks plan sponsors could face with benefit programs. We provide options and actionable guidance that lessens your compliance burden. We identify risk decision points, so you can determine an appropriate path for your organization and reduce the risk from fines, penalties, lawsuits and audits.

Employee benefits insurance solutions for all types and sizes of organizations

Gallagher works with employers of all sizes to understand their risk tolerance, creating an approach that meets your financial goals, budget and benefit program needs. Not only will Gallagher help you achieve the right balance of compensation and benefits, you will deliver a health and welfare program that is a good cultural fit and makes sense financially.

Integrated employee and organizational wellbeing strategy

By focusing on the physical, social, emotional, financial and career wellbeing of your employees, you can maximize your business and operational excellence to become a better workplace. One that attracts retains and engages remarkably talented contributors.

At Gallagher, we take a strategic approach to wellness and engagement consulting. We go beyond traditional wellness to help organizations evaluate and create the right mix of wellbeing initiatives. This includes reviewing how wellbeing initiatives integrate with your workers compensation and safety programs. We work with clients of all sizes and industries to develop customized solutions that support each organization's unique employer value proposition.

A key driver to a compressing healthcare costs and engaging with your team is having a solid wellbeing strategy as your foundation. Our consultants advise on innovative methods to help lower costs and strengthen their corporate culture.

Gallagher - Global expertise providing local solutions

  1. Insightful experience: Catered to 35+ different industries such as Aviation, Cement, Retail, IT, and more. We carry a reputation of delivering fast and innovative solutions.
  2. Risk consulting & claims: We believe in 3 E's - Examine, Evaluate, Enforce. We are one of the most trustworthy Claims Team in Indian broking fraternity who help the clients to understand their risk profiles intricately.
  3. Specialist servicing: Uncompromising service standards that offers end-to-end support with Employee communications, global benefits, health check-up, engagement programs, allowances and more.
  4. Wellness consulting: Guidance on holistic health and welfare plans to create a conducive work environment.
  5. Technology: Advanced technology developments that offer ease of policy management, analytical capabilities and support.

We believe in creating an atmosphere that goes beyond the professional association. We can proudly say that with every passing year, our roots are growing stronger, reach is widening, and we are transforming employee lives.

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