We can protect you with tailored solutions.

As one of the UK’s leading insurance brokers for this class of business, we can build a legal indemnity policy to meet your needs. We are on hand to provide advice if your project or development is subject to restrictive covenants, or has issues around rights to light.

Our solutions can help you avoid losses due to property development litigation, and subsequent project delay. If you are found responsible for breaching restrictive covenants or rights to light due to a proposed development, you could incur significant uninsured losses.

We can help protect you with tailored legal indemnity insurance solutions to cover restrictive covenants or defective title rights that arise during the legal conveyancing process.

What is legal indemnity insurance?

Legal indemnity insurance protects lenders and property owners from a wide range of issues - from simple residential risks, to more complicated development problems.

Whether you’re a property owner or landowner, developer or lender, if you’re in the real estate sector, it’s essential that you consider having legal indemnity insurance during a property transaction or development. With the right insurance policy, you can be covered against known title defects identified during the property’s evaluation process.

What is covered in legal indemnity insurance policies?

We understand the risks that come with being an owner or a lender. With this in mind, we provide access to a wide range of insurance specialists, who can assist you with the likes of:

  • Rights to light: Will your development encroach on a neighbouring property owner’s rights to light?
  • Restrictive covenants: Is a third party enforcing a covenant that restricts the way your property can be developed?
  • Judicial review: Is your planning permission being challenged?

Offering a full range of legal indemnity insurance solutions including access, chancel, covenant, forfeiture of lease, judicial review, lack of title and rights to light risks, our team of dedicated legal indemnity insurance brokers can help you with comprehensive solutions, whatever your needs. Policies can be extended to cover all unknown issues too.

Why choose us as your legal indemnity insurance broker?

We are one of the UK’s leading legal indemnity insurance brokers, with a team of specialists that are highly regarded as title insurance specialists in the UK and Europe. We offer the full range of legal indemnity insurance solutions which can include access, chancel, covenant, forfeiture of lease, judicial review, lack of title and rights to light risks.

Our team have access to a wide scope of underwriters in the market, enabling us to obtain competitive quotes usually within 24 hours of receiving an enquiry. We can also negotiate specific loss cover relating to loss of profit when a third party enforces a title risk.

At Gallagher, we can structure your insurance covers to meet your specific needs and objectives and the requirements of other interested parties, such as lenders and utility companies.

To speak to our legal indemnity insurance team today, do not hesitate to contact us 0800 612 0113.

Legal Indemnity Insurance

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  • Understanding of transaction timescales
  • Tailored policies
  • Access to a wide range of underwriters

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