We believe in fostering a fair, respectful and inclusive culture. A culture where all team members feel empowered and supported to be themselves and achieve their career and lifestyle ambitions.

The gender pay gap measures the difference between the average hourly total pay for all men versus all women at an aggregate level across an organisation. This is not the same as equal pay.

At Gallagher the data for our UK broking and underwriting operations shows a gap in pay between men and women, due to a lower proportion of women holding senior management and broking roles within the business. This is an issue that we are working to address within our organisation and are seeking to help remedy across the wider insurance broking sector where this remains an industry-wide challenge.

The following reports from our U.K. entities, Gallagher Global Brokerage UK and Gallagher Benefits & Services UK. The reports provide the full data and the background to the numbers, as well as the actions and plans we are undertaking to redress this imbalance for each entity.

Gallagher Global Brokerage UK Gender Pay Gap Report.pdf
Gallagher Benefit Services UK Gender Pay Gap Report.pdf