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Surety bonds are a popular alternative to bank guarantees. Utilising the insurance sector enables you to free up banking lines, enhancing working capital which can be used for other things. Adequate bonding lines are essential to ensure you remain competitive and comply with your contractual and regulatory obligations.

We are one of the largest, most experienced specialist teams in the UK and offer professional advice and bespoke solutions across a range of industry sectors, with a particular specialism in construction surety bonds.

An effective surety bond team

Our surety bond specialists collectively have around 100 years’ experience. We pride ourselves on providing an innovative and efficient service underpinned by regular communication, as well as obtaining attractive terms and premiums.

Surety underwriters

We’ll approach underwriters on behalf of clients who might otherwise have turned to their bank for a bond. We’ve developed excellent relationships with all regulated surety bond underwriters, which strengthens our negotiating position and ability to offer competitive terms to our clients.

Our clients

Our clients range from independents to multinationals. Start-up businesses can be accommodated too but are usually required to pay cash collateral and provide personal guarantees due to their lack of financial history.

Types of surety bonds

We place all types of surety bond in the UK and Ireland, and through our Gallagher network can arrange bonds in many other countries. This includes performance bonds, Highways Act bonds, advanced payment bonds, HM Custom & Excise bonds, pension bonds, retention bonds, environmental bonds, rural payment agency guarantees, and travel bonds.

Surety Bonds

  • All types placed, but specialists in surety bonds for contractors with over £20m revenue
  • Helpful, highly experienced team of specialist advisors
  • International reach
  • Bonds can help you comply with contractual & regulatory obligations

Further Information

Our team of specialists will be more than happy to advise you as to whether this solution could be right for your business. Please contact us today for a chat and to ask for a quote for surety bonds.