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We provide specialist insurance for care homes, including nursing homes, hospices, dementia care homes, and homes for adults with learning disabilities or mental health issues.

Gallagher has worked with residential care home businesses for many years, from supported living facilities to homes providing specialist end-of-life care. We understand the level of care required, not only to look after residents but also to run what can be a complex business, and protect the organisation and its staff in this high-risk sector.

Our residential care home insurance can help to mitigate your risks so that you can focus day-to-day on the provision of quality care for those who rely on you.

What is care home insurance?

Care home insurance is a specialist type of business insurance for residential care facilities. It includes a number of different insurance products that can work together to help protect the business, its owner and operators. There are many risks associated with running a care home, such as claims of medical malpractice, employee injury claims, and damage to your buildings or contents due to an event such as a fire or flood. Having a care home insurance policy in place can help protect you from such eventualities.

Types of care homes we cover

  • Nursing or residential care homes
  • Dementia care homes
  • Supported living facilities
  • Hospices
  • Care homes for adults with learning difficulties
  • Care homes for adults with mental health issues and addictions
  • Day care services
  • Children’s care homes
  • Small businesses and start-ups
  • Portfolios of homes

What can care home insurance cover?

Your cover can be designed according to the type of service you provide, for example you may require a nursing home insurance policy, or specialist insurance for a home dedicated to supporting adults with learning disabilities. The size of your organisation and your level of risk will also be factors in the types and levels of cover that care home insurance providers may offer you. Standard cover will typically include the following:

Public liability insurance: Protects your organisation from the financial impact of compensation claims made by residents, members of the public or other third parties, for example for injury or damage to their property.

Employers’ liability insurance: Provides cover for work-related illness claims (including psychological), injury or property damage claims made by employees. In most cases, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement.

Treatment risk cover: Protects your organisation financially if a resident makes a liability claim after suffering an injury or adverse reaction due to a treatment you administer.

Medical malpractice cover: Cover for your organisation if it becomes the subject of a compensation claim due to malpractice or unintentional injury.

Buildings insurance: If you own your building, this cover helps protect you against repair or reinstatement costs due to insured incidents such as fire, flood, storm damage or acts of vandalism.

Care home contents insurance: This cover is designed to cover the cost of replacing contents belonging to the care home which are lost or damaged because of an insured event.

Residents’ personal belongings: Contents insurance for care home residents can also form part of your policy, helping to protect your business as well as being a benefit for your residents.

If a resident or their family makes a claim against your organisation because of perceived negligence, for example due to poor care or service, professional indemnity insurance can cover the costs involved.

Unfortunately, abuse claims are one of the risks that care providers can face. If a member of staff is subject to a claim of abuse or molestation, this insurance can provide financial protection for the organisation.

These are brief product descriptions only. Please refer to the policy documentation paying particular attention to the terms and conditions, exclusions, warranties, subjectivities, excesses and any endorsements.

Care Home Insurance

  • Access to exclusive schemes with insurers specialising in the care sector
  • Multiple covers under a single policy
  • Dedicated account executive all year round
  • In-house claims support

Why choose Gallagher?

Gallagher has been providing care home insurance services for 25 years. As specialist care insurance brokers, we have exclusive access to insurers in this sector and can arrange bespoke cover for your organisation in one easy-to-manage policy.

We understand the complex risks and challenges your organisation faces, and the specific insurance needs that you may have. Not all care home insurance brokers are the same—we won’t simply contact you when it’s time to renew your policy. We’ll be here for you all year round, with a dedicated account manager (no call centres) who will be there to advise and support you when you need it.

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