Cover your business on the move

As a mobile mechanic, whether you’re servicing a customer’s car at your garage or fixing a broken-down vehicle by the roadside, you're always on the move. However you operate, you’ll want insurance that offers protection against the trade’s many risks.

With Gallagher’s mobile mechanics’ insurance, we allow you to choose a policy that suits your business. That means cover is available for road risks, liability, business premises, and more.

What is mobile mechanics’ insurance?

Mobile mechanic insurance is a type of motor trade insurance that protects your business against risks specific to mobile mechanics.

As a mobile mechanic, you undoubtedly transport expensive goods and equipment to carry out your duties and you probably drive customers’ vehicles regularly. But does your current policy offer protection if that equipment is stolen? Does it cover you to test drive customers’ vehicles or take them to your garage for repair?

That’s what mobile mechanic insurance with Gallagher offers. It helps protect against day-to-day risks that standard policies may not cover.

Who needs mobile mechanic insurance?

If you service and repair vehicles either at your garage or via call-out, you should consider mobile mechanic insurance. It doesn’t matter if you work on an ad-hoc basis at home or full-time at business premises—if you’re in the motor trade industry, you should avoid cutting corners on insurance.

Having mobile mechanics’ insurance provides cover for instances such as if someone has an accident caused by negligent workmanship, your tools are stolen, or you need to drive customers’ vehicles. Without this insurance, your business may be liable to cover legal fees and fines should something go wrong.

What does mobile mechanics’ insurance cover?

Most insurers offer customisable mobile mechanics policies to include different levels of cover.

As standard, most policies include road risks insurance, providing cover to drive customers’ vehicles. This might include, for example, driving cars to your garage for repairs or test drives.

There are three different levels of road risk insurance:

  • Third party only — provides cover for damage to third-party vehicles, but not those you drive.
  • Third party fire and theft — insures against third-party damage, as well as fire and theft of vehicles you own.
  • Comprehensive — provides cover against damage to your own vehicles and third-party vehicles, whether at fault or not.

Policies may also include the following:

  • Public liability — mobile mechanic public liability insurance covers fees associated with liability claims from customers. For example, if they are injured while on your business premises.
  • Employers’ liability — protects your business against employee claims, including accidents or damage to property while on the business premises.
  • Tools in transit — provides cover for tools you carry in a commercial vehicle if they are lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Any vehicle cover — insures you to drive a vehicle used as part of your trade, offering protection against theft and fire. It also covers passenger liability.

Why choose Gallagher?

At Gallagher, we understand the various demands you face as a mobile mechanic and appreciate the industry requires specialised insurance to help protect your business.

Our motor trade specialists are highly skilled in helping you determine the most suitable cover you may need, so your business has insurance tailored to counteract the risks it faces.

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These are brief product descriptions only. Please refer to the policy documentation paying particular attention to the terms and conditions, exclusions, warranties, subjectivities, excesses and any endorsements.

Mobile Mechanic Insurance

  • Road risks cover available
  • Quotations available online and over the phone
  • Optional cover available such as public liability and employers' liability
  • Choose to add cover for your tools in transit

  • Gallagher Road Risk Team