We take a tailored, professional and technology-driven approach to pension scheme governance and secretarial services

Secretarial services are essential for supporting pension scheme trustees in maintaining their effective system of governance. As a trusted partner, we'll work with you in a proactive and proportionate way, giving you the confidence to meet your wider strategic objectives, knowing that all deadlines and regulatory requirements will be met.

Streamline your pension scheme governance with a trusted partner

We offer flexible and cost-effective pension scheme consulting services and solutions to meet your governance and secretarial needs. Our expert team will guide you through any legislative and regulatory requirements, ensuring you have a robust governance framework in place. Our tools and technology — developed specifically with our clients in mind — will provide you with everything you need to plan for deadlines and achieve your targets.

Our four-stage approach to better-run pension schemes

In a robust regulatory environment, pension scheme governance is crucial for trustee boards. Our comprehensive toolbox helps trustees tackle challenges, and focus on key areas like skills, experience, behaviours, and board diversity. This improves trustee board effectiveness, efficiency, and overall pension scheme management.

Step one: Review and assess

Our professional team will take you through a simple, yet comprehensive review to assess your current governance position, against the requirements of The Pensions Regulator's general code of practice.

Step two: Report

Our tried and tested tool produces an output report showing the steps you need to take, based on the information you've given us.

Step three: Recommendations

Our consultants take you through the results, along with our recommendations for how you can improve and prepare for your first own risk assessment.

Step four: Create prioritised action plan

We help you prioritise your actions and work with you to implement your chosen solutions successfully.

Trustee secretarial services

We can help you manage the logistics of your trustee meetings, helping them to run efficiently and effectively. Our e-meeting pack solution creates meeting papers as a colour-coded, easy to navigate, single electronic document, ensuring the best use of your time, and a smooth meeting experience.

Risk management

Enhance your governance practices and safeguard stakeholder interests with our risk management services tailored for your governance and secretarial needs. We identify risks, develop robust frameworks, and implement proactive strategies to ensure effective risk mitigation and compliance. Our experienced team conducts assessments and implements controls to maintain compliance, minimising potential risks.

Why choose Gallagher to support your pension scheme governance and secretarial needs

Governance lies at the very heart of everything we do, and we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach won't suffice. We empathise with the challenges trustees face in terms of governance: evolving requirements, time constraints, the desire to improve diversity and inclusion, lack of engagement, and the need to achieve better results.

We don't just instruct our trustees to implement new processes; we explain the reasons behind them, working in partnership with trustees to achieve their strategic objectives. We outline the benefits, such as streamlined and efficient trustee meetings, time and cost savings, and reduced risk.

Governance and Secretarial Consulting

  • Flexible and proportionate solutions for your governance and secretarial needs
  • An expert team with in-depth knowledge of the landscape to guide you through any legislative and regulatory requirements
  • A tailored approach to effective scheme governance that is suited to your needs, goals and desired outcomes
  • Backed by a global network of insurance, reinsurance and risk management specialists