Meeting your pension scheme goals and objectives

We support institutional investors in meeting their goals through tailored, professional investment advice.

With numerous investment opportunities available, it's crucial to have clear, measurable objectives to allow clients to effectively structure their investment portfolio for success. We'll help document goals, objectives, and risk tolerances, helping to identify outcomes, timelines, and measurements for success.

Our investment advice is tailored to you, based on your objectives.

A client-first approach

We work in partnership with clients, understanding their needs and providing clear, tailored advice with practicable recommendations. We will clearly explain the rationale behind our proposals, supporting you in making swift, informed decisions. We proactively update clients on economic and market developments and regulatory changes. We critically evaluate investment managers' latest products, engaging only with those that align with our cashflow centred investment philosophy.

Cashflow centred investment

We understand that cashflow obligations such as pension benefits, insurance claims, or charitable initiatives, should be at the centre of your investment objectives and strategy. We model cashflows and collaborate with clients to build a strategy, using short-to-medium-dated bonds for short- to medium-term need and a more return-seeking approach (where required) for longer-term cashflows, transitioning to bonds as horizons shorten. This informs our market and manager research and the development of our tools, reflecting a philosophy that shapes all our advice.

Investment services and solutions

Our investment consultants are experienced investment strategists and will collaborate with clients to design and implement an investment strategy that meets strategic objectives and fits within risk constraints.

Coming from diverse backgrounds including investment management and actuarial consulting, our consultants work closely with our specialist functions so that clients can benefit from the breadth and depth of our experience and expertise.

We support DB scheme trustees in investing their assets with the objective of paying members' benefits in full and on time while complying with regulatory requirements. For DC schemes we can assist in creating default investment strategies and member self-select options, and in choosing a pension investment platform that meet your members' needs now and in the future.

Our philosophy of investing for targeted cashflows aligns with the goals of charities, endowments, and foundations. By considering your mission and values we can help you design and implement an investment strategy fully focussed on supporting your plans.

We believe sponsors and trustees should collaborate closely, finding common ground and negotiating pragmatically to reach compromise solutions. In addition to pensions and employee benefits, we're also available to discuss your treasury, corporate asset management, and hedging needs.

Why choose Gallagher

Choosing Gallagher means choosing a team of seasoned professionals. We offer bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Our investment consulting team ensures you receive advice drawn from extensive research and teams of specialists across all areas of investment consulting.

Investment Consulting

  • Tailored solutions for institutional investors to meet your goals and objectives
  • Expert guidance through complex investment landscapes, facilitating swift and informed decision-making
  • Pragmatic real-world advice built on expert research and client-focused modelling technology
  • Strategies based on our cashflow centred investment philosophy


Services are aimed at professional clients only and will be provided by Gallagher (Administration & Investment) Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority