Providing tailored insurance for over 45 years

We've provided social housing organisations with insurance for over 45 years. We have designed risk and insurance programmes to address their typical concerns, both insured and uninsured.

We work exclusively with social housing providers in the UK and we understand the challenges they can face. We have been closely involved in most of the mergers that have recently taken place, as well as detailed discussions on the use and insurability of different building materials.

We know that many of our clients are increasingly focussed on growth and are branching out into commercial activities to support their core social housing obligations. We have designed and delivered a range of innovative solutions to these increasingly diverse activities.

We don’t just work with traditional housing associations, we act for all types of organisation operating on the social housing sector. Our expertise covers social care providers, hostels, care homes, extracare and domiciliary care, as well as training and employment services. We cater for the full range of social housing insurance cover our clients require, as well as providing comprehensive claims management and risk management services.

Risk management is becoming increasingly valuable to our clients as they seek to reduce losses and reduce their reliance on insurance. We have developed a wealth of risk management services aimed specifically at reducing the risks faced by our housing clients.

Social Housing Insurance

  • Custom cover to suit the needs of housing associations
  • All social housing organisations catered for
  • Comprehensive risk management available
  • In-house claims team

You can benefit from not only our extensive insurance experience, but also from our claims and risk management teams. If you ever have to make a claim, we'll work to ensure that it is resolved as quickly as possible.