Employee bonus plans incentivise the behaviours you need to encourage

We design bonus schemes that support your organisation’s growth and success by linking the behaviours you want to encourage from your people to a clear, meaningful reward structure.
Designing a successful employee bonus scheme is challenging

Effective bonus schemes help you flex employment costs whilst incentivising your people at the same time. The wrong design can damage employee morale and remove their motivation to strive for the best outcomes. It can also lead to reputational damage for your employer brand.

Whatever you are seeking to achieve, our reward consultants will help you identify your core objectives and design an employee bonus plan that helps your organisation grow.

Goal setting

We will help you understand and clearly define what you are trying to achieve with your bonus scheme and what success looks like to your organisation.

Scheme design

We design bonus schemes that are easy to understand, simple to administer and drive the right employee behaviours that support your organisation's growth and success. To do this, we will first take time to understand the makeup of your organisation, its culture and values, and design a scheme that both complements and works with these characteristics.

Bonus structures

We will take a cohesive approach to your reward strategy, whether your bonus scheme relates to a team or your entire organisation, and consider incentives, bonuses and profit sharing according to your organisational setting.

Bonus Plan Design Summary

  • Reward management goal setting
  • Bonus scheme design
  • Bonus structuring
  • Profit sharing schemes