Your benefits programme is a crucial tool

We take a strategic approach to benefits consulting. This ensures your benefits programme supports your HR strategy, is competitive, valued, cost-effective and compliant - creating a measurable return on your investment.

Where do you want to take your organisation?

How will you get there? What does success look like and how will you know when you’ve achieved it? To help you understand these things, and how your employee benefits programme will help, it pays to have a benefits strategy.

We start at the beginning

Whatever your plans, you need a clear starting point. Whether you’re inheriting an existing benefits programme from a merger or you’re an HR leader that is new to the role, our benefits scheme audit and inventory service will give you a clear overview insurance policies and individual benefit terms, ascertaining whether they are compliant, correctly implemented, and identifying coverage gaps.

Defining your strategy and putting it to work

With an understanding of your objectives, we will design a benefits strategy that supports these goals. We take time to understand the needs and expectations of your employees through behavioural insights, employee surveys and focus groups to ensure your scheme is relevant and engaging.

Statutory duties, legislative changes can impact on the time you spend administering your benefits. We will help you make the most from your benefits, designing effective, efficient processes - from onboarding new employees, to monthly pension contributions, renewals, and retirements.

A single, unique approach

Our strategic benefits consulting is part of our unique approach to your organisational wellbeing. It’s an approach with a strategy; one that brings benefits, reward, communication and financial wellbeing into a single plan for your organisation. We call it Gallagher Better Works ℠.

Benefits Strategy

  • Benefits programme audit and inventory
  • Employee engagement and communication consulting
  • Statutory duties and compliance support
  • Due diligence for company mergers