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We can provide general liability insurance to protect your business in the event of a claim made against you by a customer, employee, member of the public or other third party.

Public liability insurance (as general liability is known in the UK) provides cover for public injury and damage claims. It can also cover a range of other liability insurance products including employers’ liability and product liability.

If your business prides itself on delivering a high quality product or service, more often than not you'll have a long line of satisfied clients and customers who will come back for more. But what if something goes wrong? It could leave you facing a potential third-party claim. That's when having a suitable level of business liability insurance in place can be so important.

Gallagher has access to a range of general liability insurance coverage through our insurer panel, with some that include exclusive enhancements.

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What is general liability insurance?

As a business, you might be aware of commercial general liability insurance. Instead, our equivalent is called public liability insurance. And this form of company liability insurance can be such a key piece of protection to have in place – not least if your business operates in a high-risk sector.

In most cases, a liability insurance policy is designed to protect you from third-party claims. That means helping to ensure you aren't left to count the cost of a huge legal bill if something you do causes damage or injury to a client (or member of the public). At the same time, however, it's important your small business liability insurance is properly made to measure. And that's where Gallagher can help.

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What are the different types of liability insurance?

In the UK, there are different types of business liability insurance providing specific levels of cover for a broad spectrum of industries, sectors and occupations. Commercial liability insurance can sometimes seem complex or confusing which is one example of where an insurance broker can be of value to your business. There are three primary liability insurance products that may be relevant to your specific needs.

Public Liability Insurance

With public liability insurance cover, you have protection if you're at fault for an injury or damage to a client or member of the public. In certain industries it can be essential to have this cover in place before you can commence trading and if a third-party claim is made against you, public liability insurance may cover all or some of the legal costs associated with defending a claim.

The cost of business liability insurance coverage versus the impact of managing the financial impact of a claim means public liability insurance can make all the difference for many businesses. Explore how Gallagher can help with your public liability insurance needs.

Products Liability Insurance

Do you design, manufacture or supply products? This form of professional liability insurance is an important consideration. It doesn't matter if you sell, rent or donate a physical product to someone. If it's faulty and causes injury or damage, you could be held legally responsible. If you didn't directly make or manufacture the product yourself, you may still be liable to pay damages, even as a third-party supplier.

Products liability cover offers a layer of protection from the cost of compensation if a claim is made against you, subject to the scope of insurance purchased.

Employers' Liability Insurance

Few types of liability insurance are a mandatory legal requirement – although some industry bodies and clients may stipulate having certain cover in place. Employers' liability insurance is legally required for businesses that have one or more employees on their books. Your general liability insurance coverage must be worth £5 million. Don't have it? You could be fined £2,500 per employee every day.

Employers are responsible for the health and safety of all employees whilst at work. Failing to have Employers’ Liability Insurance could lead to a significant fine from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). If an accident occurs and an employee is injured or becomes ill as a consequence of work-related activities, they may make a claim for compensation against you.

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These are brief product descriptions only. Please refer to the policy documentation paying particular attention to the terms and conditions, exclusions, warranties, subjectivities, excesses and any endorsements.

General Liability Insurance

  • Protection from the expense of compensation claims
  • Public and Products Liability Insurance
  • Employers' Liability Insurance
  • Tailored cover all under one policy