Bespoke insurance for your telecommunications business

Whether you are a telecommunication equipment manufacturer, service provider or consultant, we can produce a bespoke package designed to protect your business in this fast-paced industry.

Why should I consider telecommunications insurance?

The communication industry has seen drastically increased competition in recent years due to technological advances within the sector. Technologies, products and services are continually evolving, so it’s important to have telecommunications insurance in place that can grow and adapt with your business.

Telecommunication companies are open to a wide range of risks, including damage, theft or vandalism of equipment, damage to customers’ property, mistakes in specification or installation, and accidents or injury to employees who carry out installation and maintenance of equipment. Liability claims can lead to significant financial damage, from legal costs and compensation to reputational damage which can be far reaching. Having adequate telecom insurance in place can offer protection in the event of such claims.

What is covered by a telecommunications insurance policy?

We provide comprehensive telecommunications insurance that is tailored to your business, whether you’re a telecommunication equipment manufacturer, service provider, or consultant.

Key covers for your telecom insurance can include (but are not limited to): Property Insurance, Business Interruption, Technology E&O Insurance, Goods in Transit cover, Public and Products Liability, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Cyber Liability, Employers’ Liability, Personal Accident Insurance, Contractors’ Liability Insurance.

Why should I choose Gallagher for my telecommunications industry insurance cover?

With over 90 years’ experience in providing insurance for business clients all over the world, including telecommunications insurance, we understand the needs and challenges that businesses face. Our specialists are well placed to keep up to date with changes and advancements in the sector, helping to ensure that your telecommunications insurance policy can provide sufficient cover for your business.

We aim to achieve a balance between comprehensive telecommunications insurance and affordable premiums. We also understand that making a claim can often be a stressful process, which is why we want to make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible, and each case is assigned a dedicated claims specialist who will be alongside you from start to finish.

Telecommunications Insurance

  • Up-to-date telecommunications insurance products for a fast-moving industry
  • Comprehensive risk management
  • Property insurance, business interruption, goods in transit cover
  • Dedicated in-house claims specialist