Managing health & safety in the workplace

Managing health & safety at work has been a legal requirement since 1974. Done right, it’s a potent differentiator which can strengthen your tenders, reduce downtime, and cut labour costs through fewer accidents.

From simple phone-based advice to bespoke consultancy and training, we can provide health and safety risk management services which could make a real difference to your business success. We do this in a way which links your legal obligations to your insurers’ expectations – affordably, accurately and sustainably.

We can help your business to fulfil its regulatory requirements by providing a competent person service, health & safety documentation, essential testing & maintenance, certificated training and online entry-level planning.

Supporting your business

Good health and safety risk management will support your business, not stifle it. We can work with you to help reduce health & safety claims and improve your defensibility. We can help you understand your legal obligations as they relate to your industry and business, and develop solutions which are fit for purpose.

Many health & safety consultants issue generic systems and templates, without understanding your actual needs. Our solutions are tailored to your business by an extensive team of multi-skilled practitioners.

Our health & safety consultancy can be linked to your insurance placement. Our consultants work closely with our brokers, so that they, and insurers, better understand your placement requirements or your claim, and can offer effective and competitive responses.

Health & Safety Risk Management

  • Better protect your employees, visitors, contractors & the public
  • Our advice could reduce your premiums & improve your terms
  • Exclusive online ROSPA-accredited e-learning package
  • Strong relationships with IOSH, FPA, ROSPA, BSC & IIRSM

Because insurers trust us, we can often positively affect their understanding of, and appetite for, your business. This could help reduce your premiums and/or improve your policy terms. And because claims are a major financial and administrative burden, we can help you identify and solve underlying issues giving rise to those claims.