More than 200 claims specialists across the UK

We will work closely with you throughout the claims process, supporting you at a time when you need us the most.

Making an insurance claim can be a complicated and time-consuming task for a business. Gallagher approaches claims differently from many other brokers, relieving much of the burden and offering support and advice through every step of the process.

Working with you (our customer) and the insurer, we aim to achieve a timely resolution, minimise the disruption to your business and reduce the associated costs of a claim.

Claims advocacy

Whether you are making a claim or you become the subject of a claim, we will work with you to understand your priorities, and where required, help you present your claim in appropriate light to the insurer. We will also ensure that you are kept fully informed at each stage of the claim and will liaise closely with you and the insurer towards achieving a satisfactory outcome.

Claims resolution

We will guide you through any challenges or disputes that may arise as part of the claims process, aiming to find the most efficient route to a resolution and working hard to achieve the maximum settlement allowable under your policy. For complex claims requiring a bespoke response, we can arrange site visits and manage negotiations with insurers. In some cases, we are authorised by insurers to settle claims on their behalf, which can lead to a faster resolution and, potentially, reduce your costs.

Claims insight

We can provide insight into claims trends and risk mitigation opportunities by leveraging analytical reviews of operational exposures and loss data. This enables us to develop bespoke risk improvement solutions for the types of claims and specific exposures your organisation faces today, and in the longer term. Additionally, our involvement and support of the claims journey can prove vital in presenting relevant and useful claims data to the insurer and other involved parties.

Loss mitigation

Following a loss, we can help to determine the risk-taking and risk management strategy elements that led to the loss, and help you take protective measures to prevent further harm or financial loss through the implementation of risk improvement strategies to positively impact your cost of risk.

Large and/or complex claims

We have the expertise to support our customers with large losses and complex losses across multiple lines to help minimise disruption during and act as the key liaison point with the insurer during what can be a challenging and uncertain time.

Specialist expertise and ongoing support

The moment a business needs to make a claim is often when the true value of an insurance broker is realised. We have more than 200 claims specialists across the UK ready to assist customers in the event of a claim. Just as importantly, a dedicated claims manager will be on hand to provide support and advice throughout the claims process, working tirelessly to achieve a desirable outcome for you and your business.

Need to make a claim on your policy?

To find your claims contact, please check your policy documents provided by Gallagher or contact your Gallagher account manager. Alternatively, contact our claims helpdesk on 03330 100 799.