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Working in the motor trade industry comes with risks. Therefore, service and repair garage car insurance is essential for businesses that regularly repair and maintain vehicles. Find out how Gallagher’s policies could prove invaluable if injury claims, damage, accidents, and other unforeseen events arise.

What is service and repair garage insurance?

Service and repair cover protects your business against specific risks faced daily. These risks involve driving customers’ cars, equipment theft, accident, injury, and claims against defective workmanship.

Commercial garage insurance for garages that service, repair, and test vehicles. As a minimum, you’ll need road risks insurance to work legally. However, a more inclusive garage insurance policy can give protection against unforeseen and costly risks.

At Gallagher, we offer comprehensive service and repair protection as part of motor traders’ combined insurance. This cover combines insurance into a single policy tailored to your garage’s needs. Not only does this make it easier to manage (and pay), but it’s more inclusive for your business.

What does service and repair garage insurance cover?

A service and repair policy might include:

  • Road risk cover – insures you to drive customer vehicles and those in your possession. For example, if testing repairs to cars on the road from your garage.
  • Employers’ liability – protects you from employee claims relating to accidents, injuries, and damage caused while at work.
  • Public liability – protects you from customer claims relating to accidents, injuries, and damage to their person or possessions on your premises.
  • Business premises cover – covers the cost to rebuild or repair your premises in the event of fire, flood, vandalism, or other incidents.
  • Engineering inspection cover – provides access to specialist engineers who can assess and inspect your engineering equipment to ensure it’s safe and in good working order.
  • Service indemnity insurance – protects you from claims against faulty or incorrect parts fitted to vehicles.
  • Money and keys cover – insures you against loss and theft of cash and keys held at your garage.
  • Equipment cover – protects your equipment from loss, damage, and theft, including machinery, tools, and other mechanical items.
  • Demonstration cover – insures members of the public when test driving vehicles off-site.
  • Business interruption cover – covers fees caused by incidents that can impact business operations, such as fires and floods.
  • MOT loss licence cover – protects your business in the event of loss of MOT licence.
  • Combined motor trade insurance brings multiple policies into a single package, protecting your business from various risks, such as public liability, money and key loss, and premises damage.

How to reduce the cost of garage insurance

There are ways to save money on your motor trade garage insurance. For instance, consider the number of employees named on your policy, particularly if they’re under the age of 25, as this can add considerable costs.

You may also want to improve on-site security, so insurance providers assume a reduced risk of stolen, lost, or damaged property. Alongside using security locks and alarms, think about installing surveillance systems, using fencing and barriers, and buying safe boxes for valuable items.

Other measures you may want to take include:

  • Limiting the amount of work you carry out on expensive vehicles.
  • Employing experienced drivers with minimal claims and convictions.
  • Building up a no-claims bonus.
  • Reducing additional motor trade activity.

Service and repair garage insurance with Gallagher

Protecting your business is a must, especially in a trade with a substantial risk of injury and accidents. Not to mention the high-value machinery and tools typically held on-premises.

At Gallagher, our specialists are on-hand to provide a tailored quote that considers every detail of your business. Speak with one of our team today to get a garage insurance quote.
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Service and Repair Garage Insurance

  • Road Risk cover
  • Employers' Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Business Premises Cover

Policy limits and exclusions may apply, please see the policy wording for full terms and conditions.

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