Cover built to protect your business

Like the finest workmanship, it takes specialist expertise to design an insurance policy to perfectly fit your carpentry business. Gallagher can help you find a solution.

Whether you’re a joiner hanging doors or installing wall and ceiling fixings on a large construction site, a cabinet maker working in a showroom or a craftsman creating a one-off show piece for a customer in your home workshop, there is a range of tailored joiners’ insurance options available for carpenters to help protect their livelihood and business.

What is carpenter insurance?

We can source flexible and tailored carpentry and joiner insurance policies to cater for businesses at every level of the industry.

Talk to us today about carpenter insurance policies and you’ll find a number of different covers available, ranging from comprehensive, all-encompassing policies through to tailored agreements to cater to the specific risks your business faces. Whether renewing your existing insurance or starting from scratch, it can be a challenge understanding which insurance products are required for you and your business. That’s where we come in.

Why do I need carpenter insurance?

Like many trade skills and craft-based industries, carpentry involves a variety of health and safety issues as well as the risk of substandard workmanship or materials, and delayed completion of projects. Your day-to-day work is likely to see you, your employees along with any visitors to the site encounter any number of potential risks, including:

  • The use of specialist machinery and tools, and exposure to loud noise from that equipment and the risk of injury.
  • The application of, and exposure, to hazardous and toxic chemicals and solvents, as well as mould and bacteria.
  • Inhalation of wood dust and other particles from other building materials, which pose a variety of potential issues such as respiratory conditions and/or breathing difficulties, injury to eyes and other risks.
  • Working in awkward positions for extended periods of time where muscular injury and physical impairment may be an outcome.

Problems arising from any of the issues mentioned above can lead to a variety of legal and financial risks to you as a business owner, including:

  • Public liability related issues: Where your business operation has caused personal injury or property damage to a customer, supplier or other member of the public.
  • Professional liability: Where a client has suffered a financial loss due to the advice or service you provided.
  • Employers’ liability: Where something has happened to a member of your staff due to their work resulting in injury, illness or death.
  • Equipment failure and damage: Where the machinery that is key to doing the job has broken down or has been damaged, destroyed or stolen.

Run into any of these issues and your business could face significant legal and financial consequences, not to mention disruption to daily operation and any current and future projects. For smaller enterprises, which many carpentry and joinery businesses are, facing such a process without adequate protection can be incredibly damaging, and sometimes catastrophic.

A comprehensive or bespoke insurance policy can safeguard against these issues, our experience and expertise at every level of the industry allows us to help you secure suitable insurance for your business.

Interested in finding out more?

If a no-obligation conversation about your carpenter public liability insurance would be of value or to find out how a comprehensive carpenters insurance policy could benefit your business, give us a call today on 0800 138 7580 or complete a simple online form and we’ll be in touch to organise a quote.

Carpenters Insurance

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