Implementing preventative property loss control measures

Many businesses are concerned about the impact of a wide range of risks on their property assets. By implementing preventative property loss control measures, you could reduce a range of costs before they have chance to impact on your balance sheet.

It is not uncommon for businesses to face escalating property-related insurance claims, accompanied by increases in insurance premiums. Claims can be driven by environmental risk factors, legislative change, maintenance, security, and the threat of fire, theft or flood.

That's why we offer a specialist property loss control service to help you identify, manage and control the risks which may pose a threat to your property assets and your business, and help reduce your costs. Our risk management consultants offer you the benefit of their broad-ranging knowledge and experience across many industries. They can conduct property loss control surveys to assess your risks, before recommending how to help control those risks. They also offer gap analysis, in which they will audit your existing risk management systems and processes to highlight potential savings and efficiencies.

They can help you to mitigate your risks and hopefully prevent them from turning into claims by advising you on a wide range of practical measures. These can range from asbestos surveys, electrical testing and fire-door inspections to environmental management, sprinkler systems, gaseous suppression systems, intruder alarms, CCTV and much more.

Property Loss Control

  • Ask for our property loss control surveys and gap analysis
  • Receive practical advice on physical measures to implement
  • Designed to help reduce your property insurance claims
  • Benefit from our specialist property loss control consultancy

Our risk management advice is intrinsically linked to your insurance placement. This means that the work we do – and its impact on your risks – can be better understood by insurers, which in turn helps to create a more competitive marketplace for you.