Simple travel insurance administration

TravelCert is a mobile & online app. It shows at a glance where all your travellers are, offers instant cover notes, provides emergency information, and offers data for establishing your travel pattern.

Our exclusive, award-winning* group travel management app and website eases the burden of managing travel insurance for multiple travellers, especially where many destinations are involved. Now you can manage group travel insurance administration quickly, easily and efficiently, protecting those for whom you have a duty of care.

The TravelCert app is ideal for businesses, charities and NGOs, as well as universities and colleges whose staff and students travel abroad. Our group travel insurance management app can be used with any insurer’s policy, as long as you bought it through Arthur J Gallagher.

Benefits for the organisation

Whether you’re a business, charity or university, you’ll be able to see at a glance how many of your people are overseas and exactly where they are. In the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack, you’ll be able to see instantly who might be affected and ensure that evacuation or other emergency measures are implemented without delay.

Since travellers can access their own travel insurance certificates, there’s less administrative headache for you. The app won’t let anyone access a cover note for a restricted destination (they’ll be referred to you instead), or after the policy expiry date. You can set and reset users’ access passcodes and apply restrictions such as territories or personal possession limits.

Benefits for travellers

Any individual who is travelling can use the app to check that their destination is covered and to access/print a travel insurance cover note at any time. The app also contains essential contact details, instructions for incidents or emergencies, and advice on travel and claims. There’s also an emergency assistance button for placing a call direct to your travel insurance company, providing there’s a mobile signal.

* Winner 'Wireless Wizard' award, Insurance Post Digital Insurance Awards 2016


  • See at a glance who is travelling and where
  • Tailor aspects of the app to your business & policies
  • Users can access & print travel certificates
  • Documents, contact numbers and instructions available offline 24/7

How is TravelCert priced?

Our exclusive TravelCert travel insurance administration app is purchased via an initial set-up fee, followed by a standard annual licence thereafter.