Helping to manage your travel risks

Gallagher’s TravelCert site logs trip details, provides confirmation of travel insurance and useful information to your users whilst gathering travel data for your organisation.

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) operate in a global environment where staff and students undertake a wide variety of work and study activities overseas. TravelCert is Gallagher’s web-based tool that’s designed to help manage group travel administration and gather accurate data for underwriters when negotiating insurance covers.

User-friendly and easy to use

TravelCert offers a user-friendly platform that HEIs can incorporate into their travel management process. The site can be customised to assist organisations in effectively managing travel risks and minimising exposure, ensuring the safety and protection of those under their duty of care.

Streamlined travel management customised for you

Staff and students can effortlessly log their travel using a customisable questionnaire on the TravelCert website. If the trip meets your organisation's requirements, users can conveniently download their confirmation of cover, minimising administrative tasks for your staff. In cases where the trip doesn’t meet your requirements, your organisation can reject or review the details before issuing the confirmation of cover.

TravelCert can be tailored to meet your organisation's specific travel management needs. You can customise the questionnaire and referral process to align with your requirements. Additionally, you have the flexibility to restrict travel dates and destinations, ensuring policy compliance.

The platform also provides access to important traveller information and emergency contacts, for efficient communication and support. With the admin portal, you can easily manage referrals, approvals, and generate reports. TravelCert prioritises your IT security, implementing Multi-Factor Authentication and user validation against approved domain names to enhance data protection.

Benefits of using TravelCert

TravelCert is our web-based platform that can seamlessly integrate into other tools, applications, or intranets by embedding the link. It requires no software installation or integration, making it easily accessible. All you need is an internet connection! There are a whole host of other benefits including;

  • Automatic generation of cover notes where eligibility criteria is met
  • Email alerts to users when trips have been logged or require review
  • Ability to review and approve trips to ensure compliance with travel policies
  • Provide accurate and consistent travel data to underwriters
  • Ability to identify the number of travellers and their location.


  • See at a glance who is travelling and where
  • Tailor aspects of the website to your organisation & policies
  • Users can access & print travel certificates
  • Can provide accurate travel data to support renewal negotiations