Helping coach or bus companies of all sizes

We offer a wide range of insurances for the passenger transportation industry, helping coach or bus companies of all sizes to deal with a range of risks facing their business.

We understand the challenges operators face every day, whether it's working to reduce vehicle emissions and associated costs, or the impact on asset values created by ever-changing emission laws. We also know that operators want to reduce the likelihood of a claim as well as your premium. With so many factors outside operators control, from poor road conditions to cyclists and pedestrians, operators need to have an insurance broker that offers a wider capability and choice of covers.

That's why operators should work with us. We have been working in the passenger transport sector for over 30 years, and currently look after over 800 UK coach and bus operators from 2 of the large groups, to several of the remaining municipals and many independent operators of all sizes. While many brokers utilise the services of wholesale brokers (which the operator pays for), we have direct access to the available insurance market for the passenger transport industry, meaning that we are more likely to be able to keep costs down and that the person arranging the insurance will have an in-depth knowledge of your business and the wider industry.

We are the long-standing and sole appointed insurance partner to the industry trade association, Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT).

We will provide renewal terms in a clear and transparent way, and in good time to allow an informed decision to be made on what is a key business purchase.

As well as all the standard product offerings, we offer additional add-ons such as terrorism and cyber insurance. We can cater for business operators of any size and, through our network of over 50 offices, anywhere in the UK. Our customers value our in-depth industry knowledge, in-house claims management, pricing, and the relationships we build with both insurers and clients.

Passenger Transport Insurance

  • Insurance partner to the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT)
  • UK-wide cover
  • Cater for all business sizes
  • Add-ons including cyber and terrorism

We have our own specialist claims team who will handle your claim from beginning to end. In addition to this, we provide our customers with a detailed claims guide that allows them to change their procedures and maximise the opportunity to reduce claim costs - helping them to reduce the risk, and cost, of future claims.