Working with energy clients worldwide

Over the last decade Gallagher has assembled one of the largest and most experienced groups of energy insurance practitioners in the market with access to offices in the world’s key oil & gas regions.

Analysis, Placement & Service

The volume of information relating to most oil & gas risks is significant. In recent years, changes in insurance legislation have seen an increased focus on the basis upon which such information is disclosed to underwriters. In particular, recent changes in insurance legislation have sought to prohibit ‘data dumping’ of large volumes of information.

Accordingly, our team members are available to work closely with our clients, at the earliest possible phase of the risk transfer process, in order to ensure information is presented to underwriters in the appropriate manner.

In our experience, clients’ contractual exposures often require careful consideration in order to ensure that an effective insurance program is in place. The breadth of experience of our team enables us to liaise effectively with our clients to assess their contractual exposures and the potential impact upon their insurance requirements.

Energy Insurance

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We work with companies across the international energy sector all day, every day. By drawing on our experience, we’re able to create strategies that focus beyond the horizon. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.