Impactful leadership drives growth and success

We provide independent remuneration committee advice to employers seeking to attract the very best executive leadership.
Strong leadership leads to greater growth

Because every organisation needs impactful leadership in order to achieve growth, your executive remuneration package must be capable of attracting directors who can take your organisation and its people on the journey.

Designing executive remuneration is complicated and must account for key factors such as your regulatory environment, corporate governance, risk management and the results you need.

Our executive reward experts can design a package and offer independent consultation and remuneration committee advice so you can attract the leadership your organisation deserves.

Organisation-specific consulting

We provide advice across a wide range of sectors, advising private sector, including financial services, LLPs, family businesses, public and third sector organisations, be they charities, housing associations or higher education establishments.

Executive remuneration advice

Legislators, regulators and investors increasingly expect clear standards and compliance for executive remuneration. We provide the independent advice required to satisfy these expectations for clear corporate governance.

Remuneration committee advice

We will help you establish a remuneration committee where none exists and advise you on how to set the right remuneration packages for your organisation’s directors and board members – including setting basic pay and determining benefits, short and long term incentives or share based remuneration – as well as ensuring full corporate governance code compliance.

Remuneration committee advice Summary

  • Attract the executive leadership you need to deliver growth
  • Remuneration Committee establishment
  • Executive remuneration advice
  • Support for all sectors with sector-specific experience and expertise