Helping you to mitigate your risks and provide support

Kidnap is a rare but increasing risk in a growing number of countries – even the UK. Compounding the shock and trauma is the extra threat of ransom demands. These are risks which businesses, and even families, should take seriously.

Discovering that a colleague or loved one has been kidnapped is a nightmare in itself, but then where do you turn for expert help, and how do you get past the panic to make well-informed decisions? To respond in the moment, and have the best chance of a successful outcome and to minimise financial loss, it’s essential to plan ahead.

Our specialist team can work with you to assess and mitigate your risks, develop plans which can be implemented instantaneously, and arrange bespoke kidnap insurance to cover your costs and provide specialist support.

Our kidnap and ransom insurance offers fast access to experienced case management officers who specialise in kidnap and ransom, extortion and piracy. They will work hard to secure the safe release of the hostage/s.

Country risk profiling

You'll have access to a country risk profiling tool which helps assess destinations before travelling. It also provides travel alerts, risk heat maps, downloadable emergency information, and links to useful third-party information.

Your kidnapping insurance policy

Your kidnapping insurance policy could include ransom and lost ransom insurance; extortion cover; cover for the cost of using response consultants; fees and expenses for negotiators and interpreters; travel and accommodation costs, plus additional expenses; medical and/or psychiatric care costs; interest on authorised loans to meet a ransom demand; legal liability cover; death benefit; and permanent total disability benefit.

We can also offer cover for business interruption, disappearance, express kidnapping (on-the-spot ransom demands), hostage crisis, political evacuation, threats, and assaults.

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

  • Bespoke kidnap insurance solutions
  • AIG policy includes exclusive country risk analysis tool
  • Cover is worldwide
  • Wide range of extensions available

We are experienced in placing risks arising from both criminal and terrorist activity around the world, including Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, Western Africa and the frontier of Columbia and Venezuela.