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Whether you’re a mobile tyre fitter or work from a garage, you should consider tyre fitter insurance. From public liability claims to stolen equipment, your tyre fitter business faces various risks — many of which could be costly if you don’t have adequate protection.

Choose Gallagher’s tyre fitter insurance, and we’ll tailor cover to your business, offering peace of mind should the worst happen.

What is tyre fitter insurance?

As part of your motor trade policy, tyre fitter insurance helps protect against the additional risks of your trade. For example, if a customer makes a claim for compensation following an accident, your tyre changing equipment is stolen, or a flood damages your business premises.

Basic policies may not insure you in these situations, leaving you potentially responsible for covering the costs. Could your tyre-fitting garage survive a hefty legal bill or compensation claim?

What does tyre fitter insurance cover?

As a tyre fitter, road risk insurance is the minimum to ensure you can run your business legally. This insures you to drive customers’ vehicles when fitting tyres and provides cover for damage to those either in your possession or third-party owned.

There are three different levels of road risk insurance to choose from, each with varying degrees of cover:

  • Third-party only — provides cover for damage to third-party vehicles but doesn’t insure against any damage to your vehicle.
  • Third-party fire and theft — insures against damage to third-party vehicles, plus fire and theft of vehicles in your possession, including customers’ vehicles.
  • Comprehensive — insurance that provides cover for damage caused to third-party vehicles, those you own, or that you were using at the time of the incident.

Tyre fitter insurance can also include a combination of policies, depending on the type of cover you need, including:

  • Public and employers’ liability cover — provides cover for compensation claims from customers or employees, for example.
  • Professional indemnity insurance — protects you against claims for financial loss made by customers as result of negligent services or advice you provide.
  • Tools and equipment cover — insures your tools and equipment from theft, loss, and damage, which may also include those carried in your work vehicle while in transit.
  • Defective workmanship cover — provides specific cover for proven claims of professional negligence in relation to supply or fitting of vehicle parts, which may result in third party injury or property damage.
  • Engineering inspection cover — pays for a specialised engineer to inspect your tools and equipment to ensure they’re working correctly and are compliant with relevant legislation.
  • Commercial vehicle cover — insures you to drive the vehicle used for your tyre fitter business, which is especially important if you’re mobile. It may also cover courtesy cars, accidents, and passenger liability.
  • Business premises cover — pays to recover or rebuild your premises after fire, flood, and theft.

These are brief product descriptions only. Please refer to the policy documentation paying particular attention to the terms and conditions, exclusions, warranties, subjectivities, excesses and any endorsements.

Why choose Gallagher?

Our specialists understand the many risks of the trade and can advise on the type of cover to help protect your business adequately. Whether you’re worried about public liability claims, theft of equipment, or the risk of fire, we’re here to try and put your mind at ease. Contact us today to get your tyre fitter insurance quote by calling 0800 062 2312.

Tyre Fitter Insurance

  • From third-party vehicle cover to comprehensive cover for your own commercial vehicles
  • Liability cover for claims made by employees or customers
  • Professional Indemnity protection for claims or financial loss as a result of services or advice you provide
  • Experienced broker specialists ready to advise on the policy most suited to your needs

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