Protect your business and customers

Whether you own a high street hairdressers, rent a chair within a salon or run a mobile hairdressing business, Gallagher can provide a tailored insurance solution that suits you.

As a hairdresser, stylist or barber, you work closely with members of the public to make them look and feel their best. When working with customers, chemicals and corrosive substances, dyes and solutions, there’s no guarantee that accidents won’t happen.

At Gallagher, our team knows how much hard work goes into a happy and satisfied customers. Running a business can be challenging, so having a layer of protection to help protect you from the worst-case scenarios, can give you added peace of mind. That's exactly what hairdresser insurance can offer – and it's something we can help you with.

What services does Gallagher provide for hairdressers?

Public liability insurance for hairdressers

While there's no legal requirement to take out public liability insurance for hairdressers, it provides protection against claims made by customers or members of the public for injury, and property damage connected with the day-to-day running of your business. Whether you are operating a mobile business or working from fixed premises public liability for hairdressers covers legal fees resulting from accidents and/or compensation claims.

Self-employed hairdresser insurance

Self-employed liability insurance is available for independent hair stylists and hairdressing professionals. It is there to help protect you if a customer or member of the public is physically injured or their property is damaged due to any of your business activities. Legal fees and compensation can be expensive, and if you don't have self-employed hairdresser insurance in place, you could be liable for all the costs. Ask our team for more information about how this insurance could work for you.

Hair salon and barber shop insurance

Owning and running a salon or barber shop comes with a number of risks. You should always want to protect your customers, premises and stock, and with adequate hair salon and barber shop insurance, you can achieve this.

To speak to us about our different cover options, connect with us by completing the enquiry form or call us on 0800 138 7579 today.

Hairdresser & Barber Insurance

  • Hair salon insurance
  • Public Liability insurance
  • Cover for your equipment and stock
  • Tailored policies for freelance hairdressers

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