Expert strategic advice and tailored solutions

Defined Benefit (DB) pension scheme trustees and sponsors can be burdened by costly and regulatory-heavy schemes and the need for continuous financial performance driven by volatile market conditions which can create significant shortfalls quickly.

We specialise in offering strategic advice, tailored solutions and the expertise that empowers trustees and sponsors to navigate these complexities with confidence. By understanding the unique needs of trustees and sponsors, we provide guidance that mitigates risk and improves the sustained security of DB pension schemes, leading to enhanced security for members.

Reduce the risk and cost of your DB pension scheme

We empower trustees and sponsors to navigate the risk transfer processes confidently, safeguarding the interests of scheme members and removing risk from their pension schemes. Our risk transfer team comprises of experts who have worked with trustees and sponsors on all aspects of running a DB pension scheme. We understand the potentially conflicting objectives and perspectives of your stakeholders and are well equipped to encourage a collaborative approach to de-risking.

We offer comprehensive services that cover every aspect of the process, starting with an initial feasibility study. This study assesses your scheme's specific circumstances, goals, and conducts a cost/benefit analysis of various de-risking approaches. Based on this, we provide clear recommendations on the next steps. Our support continues all the way through to the eventual wind-up of your DB scheme.

Confidence in our risk transfer capabilities

We take a flexible and tailored approach to working with clients. Our pragmatic approach, project management capabilities and the experience of our team ensures we have the specialist experience to succeed in advising schemes in a variety of sizes.

Pension risk transfer for businesses and DB schemes of any size

Our purpose is to work with trustees to achieve the highest levels of security for their pension fund. Our highly specialised team has experience across all scheme sizes and sectors.

Access to a wider network of expert teams

Numerous teams support our projects alongside the risk transfer team. By working with us you'll have additional access to:

  • National projects team
  • Knowledge and Research Centre
  • Communications experts
  • Expert brokers for trustee indemnity
  • Gallagher Re reinsurance team

Why choose Gallagher for pension risk transfer consulting

Choose Gallagher for expert support and tailored solutions in risk transfer. Our team's deep expertise and dedicated approach ensure that we understand your unique challenges and objectives. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, we prioritise your long-term success by providing customised strategies that align with your needs.

Pension Risk Transfer

  • Strategic advice and solutions to assist DB pension scheme trustees and sponsors navigate pension risk transfer
  • Comprehensive suite of risk transfer services backed by expert knowledge and compliance, ensuring accuracy and peace of mind
  • Our team's deep expertise and dedicated approach ensure we understand the unique challenges and objectives of your pension scheme
  • Access to our Knowledge and Research Centre, expert guidance and brokers for trustee indemnity insurance