A motor trade policy designed for your business

Not everyone in the motor trade industry works full time. You may spend evenings repairing and upgrading old cars or perhaps provide an out-of-hours mobile breakdown service. In any case, whether it’s part-time or full-time, you still need adequate insurance.

What is part-time motor traders’ insurance?

Part-time traders’ insurance is a motor trade insurance policy for people who work in the industry alongside another occupation. For example, you may operate a small car garage at home outside of your full-time working hours, where you repair and renew cars for reselling.

Although you usually won’t require as much cover as someone working full-time, you still need to consider protecting yourself against certain risks. For example, your part-time traders’ policy might include insurance to drive a customer’s car, bring a vehicle home from auction, or safeguard against customer injury claims.

What can part-time motor traders’ insurance cover?

Part-time traders’ insurance can include different covers brought together under one policy. Here are some of the most common forms of protection associated with part-time motor traders’ insurance:

  • Road risks insurance – provides insurance for you to drive cars in your possession, including customers’ cars, those you’re selling, or recently purchased vehicles.
  • Demonstration cover – if you’re selling vehicles part-time, demonstration cover insures customers to test drive cars off-site.
  • Tools in transit cover – protects tools and equipment you store in your own vehicle from theft, loss, and damage.
  • Employers’ liability cover – if you employ anyone, this cover protects you against claims relating to accidents and injury while at work.
  • Public liability cover – like employers’ cover, this protects you from public liability claims relating to injury, accidents, and damage to personal property.
  • Premises cover – provides insurance to cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding your premises in the event of fires, floods, and other damage. In some cases, this may also extend to contents cover.
  • Refurbishment and restoration – insures vehicles you own from theft, damage, and fire.

Who needs part-time traders’ insurance?

All part-time motor traders’, whether you’re running a part-time mechanic service or selling cars on the side of your full-time job, should consider part-time traders’ insurance. A more comprehensive policy may offer additional protection from financial loss, liability claims, and recovery fees that you’d otherwise have to fund yourself.

How much does part-time motor traders’ insurance cost?

Every part-time traders’ policy differs depending on the specific risks involved. As such, the price you pay will vary. So, which factors do we know can affect the cost of part-time motor traders’ insurance?

Aside from the cover specifics, insurers may also consider the following:

  • The location of your premises.
  • The type of motor trade business you carry out.
  • The size of your business, e.g., how many cars you sell.
  • The value and age of your vehicles.
  • The value of your tools and equipment.
  • How many people you employ and their age.
  • Your claims history.

Why choose Gallagher for part-time traders’ insurance?

With so much to consider, choosing the most suitable motor traders’ policy can be confusing—especially when it’s not your full-time focus.

At Gallagher, our specialists work with you to assess the specific risks of your side business and help you find the most suitable cover to meet your requirements. A selection of our policies are flexible, so if you’re planning on growing your business, we can also extend your cover to protect against new risks. Get a part-time traders’ insurance quote online in minutes or speak with one of our specialists today by calling 0800 062 2312.

Part-Time Motor Trade Insurance

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