Options to suit a wide range of trades

Whether you’re a sole trader, family-run business or larger company, we can arrange tradesman insurance to help protect you against the financial impact of unexpected loss, damage or injury.

Our tradesman insurance helps protect you and your business for if the worst happens. For all the skill and experience you can draw upon, you still face the same risks each day. You could be in the workshop or out on site – injury and damage can occur anywhere. And that's when tradesman insurance cover comes to the fore. But how do you know what cover is right for you? Well, the team at Gallagher are here to offer specialist advice and competitive tradesman insurance quotes.

What is tradesman insurance?

Tradesman insurance is a dedicated product that supports and covers a wide range of trades. It helps protect against unexpected loss, damage or injury – and the financial impact often associated with them.

At Gallagher, we specialise in providing tradesman insurance cover to the sole traders, UK family-run firms and SMEs. But it's important to know that tradesman insurance isn't one single product. It's the term given to a collection of policies that can cover specific parts of your work.

That means it can be hard to work out just what level of cover you need. To help you find out, our team are is to lend a hand. Using our experience and personal touch, we'll ensure you find the tradesman insurance that suits you. Call 0800 138 7580 and talk to one of our specialists now.

What does tradesman insurance cover?

Our tradesman insurance protects you from a wide range of risks linked to the work you do all day, every day. An adequate tradesman insurance policy should offer you comprehensive protection as there's no shortage of things that could go wrong. With our specialist advice, we'll help you know exactly what's what. And we can also suggest things you might not have thought about.

Here are some examples of what tradesman insurance can include:

Tradesman public liability insurance

It might not be needed by law – but it could prove an essential form of cover to have. With tradesman public liability insurance, you can protect yourself if you have an accident that causes injury to a member of the public or damage to their property.

Such claims can lead to major financial and reputational damage. Even if it is a genuine accident, you're still at risk. Tradesman liability insurance can provide a wide range of cover from legal costs to compensation awards that may come as a result of your work.

Tradesman indemnity insurance

Ever made a mistake or forgotten to do something? In most cases, the outcomes are harmless – though your client might not be impressed. Sometimes, however, it can cause a client significant financial loss. If so, they may wish to make a legal claim against you.

By including professional indemnity insurance as part of your cover, you and your business can have protection for the financial costs following a claim. For many tradesmen, mistakes are rare but this doesn't mean the risk goes away. If nothing else, it can offer peace of mind.

Tradesman tool insurance

Gallagher can provide cover for a range of tools and equipment that are vital to your job. It could be your own plant, hired plant, business equipment or business stock. Our tradesman tool insurance will help you deal with problems with your working essentials due to vandalism, theft or damage.

The above is just a taste of the level of tradesman insurance cover that we can arrange for you. But it isn't restricted to this. We can also ensure you have cover for other critical considerations. From money and income to personal accident and legal expenses, Gallagher has you covered.

Not sure what level of cover you require? Looking to get a tailored tradesman insurance quote? Talk to our team now. You can reach us by calling 0800 138 7580 or getting in touch online.

These are brief product descriptions only. Please refer to the policy documentation paying particular attention to the terms and conditions, exclusions, warranties, subjectivities, excesses and any endorsements.

Tradesman Insurance

  • Tradesman public liability insurance
  • Cover for mistakes made by you that lead to a claim
  • Insurance for your tools and equipment – hired or owned
  • Cover tailored to your business and its activities

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