Construction insurance experience and expertise is vital.

Large construction projects can be lucrative, but they also represent complex business, operational and event risks that need a proactive and innovative risk management strategy in order to be managed successfully.

Large construction projects are complex on account of the diverse risks associated to all phases of the project lifecycle. Our clients therefore require a well thought through risk management strategy.

As part of that risk management strategy, comprehensive insurance protection is vital. There are a myriad of construction insurance products and solutions available, but for major projects, it is essential to utilise the expertise of a specialist construction broker. Gallagher’s Construction division recognises that every construction project is different. We help our clients by using our decades of expertise to help design and implement contractor annual insurance, or specific construction project insurance, which precisely fits each client’s risk profile and helps them achieve their risk transfer objectives.

Our Construction division offers everything in one place; we have built our team specifically to incorporate dedicated specialists for Professional Indemnity, Surety, Financiers Insurance Advisory Services and Environmental Liability, so that we are able to offer truly holistic solutions. This is one of our core differentiators for our clients; our team has the bench strength and depth of expertise all within one team – allowing for consistency and efficiency of service. Where our clients need it, we also work in close partnership with Gallagher’s Real Estate and Financial Risks divisions, to ensure seamless delivery for our clients’ ‘on and offsite’ risks.

Gallagher’s construction insurance division is one of our largest specialty units in the UK. We continue to grow and expand upon our specialism through the attraction and development of our talent, strategic relationships in the industry and deep insurer relationships both locally and with other major international insurance markets. This focus on quality people and strong relationships enables our clients to receive some of the market-leading solutions, and service which is based upon experience and innovation.

Construction insurance – tailored to your needs

At Gallagher, we offer a number of tailored products and bespoke solutions for construction projects and contractors - regardless of size - that include core covers for Contractor Controlled Insurance Programmes (CCIP) including Contractors All Risk Insurance, Owner Controlled Insurance Programmes (OCIP), Project Finance – Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects, Surety, Financiers Insurance Advisory Services, Major Project Insurance, Environmental Insurance (EIL) and Latent Defects Insurance.

We are proud to provide clients with a comprehensive construction insurance ‘project lifecycle’ service. This service begins at the stages of conception, development and construction, and continues through to successful operational completion. Clients can rest assured knowing that Gallagher’s Construction division are involved at all key stages of the project.

If you require further information and would like to speak to a specialist member of the team to request a quote for contractors’ annuals insurance or project insurance, you can connect with us via our website.

Who do we work with?

Our client portfolio includes major international companies as well as locally-based UK developers and construction firms. We provide a range of construction insurance services on both an annual, as well as a single project basis. At Gallagher, we operate across many specialist construction areas that include commercial, residential, mixed use, tunnelling, transportation infrastructure, power generation, renewable energy and mining.

Why Gallagher construction insurance?

  • Over 80 Construction specialists based in London providing solutions both nationally and internationally, handling circa £250m GWP per annum.
  • Construction specialisms across all construction insurance cover and claims; from Contractor Controlled Insurance Programmes (CCIP) including Contractors All Risk Insurance, through to OCIP, PFI and PPP projects.
  • In-team dedicated specialists for Specialist Construction Claims, Surety, Financiers Insurance Advisory Services (Due Diligence), Major Project Insurance, Environmental Insurance (EIL) and Latent Defects Insurance.

Construction Insurance

  • Support throughout the construction lifecycle
  • Dedicated professionals in all key areas of our clients’ risks
  • Policies available on an annual and standalone basis
  • Relationships with Lloyd's and other major international markets