Our Reward Consulting Services

Whatever your industry sector, we have the employee reward expertise to help you attract, retain and incentivise the best talent to underpin your success.

We design bonus schemes that support your organisation’s growth and success by linking the behaviours you want to encourage from your people to a clear, meaningful reward structure.

We are global mobility specialists who help employers overcome the challenges of moving their people around the world and operating across international borders.

We are HR and Reward experts who upskill HR and Reward practitioners, providing training and professional development using real world, practical experience.

We develop frameworks for employers to organise their pay structures, reward programmes and benefits eligibility.

We make the employee search and resourcing process easy so you can find an experienced reward manager and bring their expertise into your organisation.

We provide salary surveys that help you determine whether your organisation is offering competitive compensation.

Share schemes and sales incentive plans are helpful ways to focus the efforts of your people. We help employers drive long term growth, using sales incentive schemes and commission schemes to reward those who push for greater performance.

Attract and motivate talent.

From start-ups to global enterprises, all employers face the challenge of competing for talent. The kind of talent that help organisations grow and do better things. Whether you’re focused on your next round of venture capital funding or implementing a large scale turnaround plan, your success is in the heads and hands of your people.

Rewarding your employees for great work and providing them structured, long-term incentives to build on their success is a formula that works for everyone. A successful reward strategy won’t just appeal to employees’ wallets, it appeals to their hearts too – mobilising them to drive better outcomes and incentivising good behaviours whilst enabling employers to motivate their people within a sustainable and equitable framework.

Our reward practitioners are leaders in all aspects of career wellbeing

We create strategies that support your HR and business objectives, integrating bonus schemes, long-term incentive plans, reward and recognition, sales incentives, profit sharing and salary benchmarking. And we’re here to keep you compliant and in control too, with practitioner training, gender pay gap reporting services and global mobility expertise.

Reward Consulting Summary

  • Total Reward expertise for employers of all sizes
  • Reward, compensation and benefits resourcing
  • Reward and benefits management training
  • Global mobility outsourcing